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What is coming up that you are excited for?

Asked by rangerr (15765points) March 23rd, 2010

This question has been asked here, but it didn’t last too long.
What is coming up soon that you are looking forward to?

Example: Star Wars Weekends at Disney world is coming up at the end of May. The weekend we are going, Jeremy Bulloch Boba Fett, Temuera Morrison Jango Fett, Daniel Logan Young Boba Fett, and Dee Bradley voice actor for Clone Wars are going to be there. This should satisfy my Boba Fettish. I am beyond excited.

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My centrelink (student/ youth allowance) payment is coming through on MONDAY…yaaaaaaaay

I have to survive off $20 until then….

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I might be moving to New Orleans within the next couple of months to develop some projects.
And this Saturday, I’m going out with my best girlfriends to celebrate my birthday. I never get to go out, so this is a big deal. :)

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Toy Story 3 , the next Harry Potter movie

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@j0ey Holy macaroni. Good luck.
@Vunessuh Have fun! Party hard.
@malevolentbutticklish Any special reason?
@talljasperman Ohyeahhhh. Me too!

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Warm weather.
Antique shopping day with my grandparents.
Gun show.
No more Classical Literature (getting to move on to Medieval lit, finally).
Maybe some hot lovin’ lies ahead for me? Who knows?

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I’m going to see Simon and Garfunkel in concert with my daughter and her friends!!!

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@faye I am sooo jealous! I just missed out on tickets to see them here :(

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After years of learning the Google Maps api and a fuckload of javascript my site is coming together. Pretty much you enter your address and it shows who will deliver (pizza) to you. All in a map style. And there is reviews and coupons(that is how I will pay for it). And on a device with GPS it will automatically grab your location.

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Going running tomorrow, getting to hang out with my girlfriend on Saturday, starting a new job in two weeks, and a new truck probably in August. Can’t wait for any of this stuff!

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@johnpowell – That’s just awesome. I love pizza, and hate guessing who will bring it to me!!!

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Hmmm…In about a few days I’ll receive my salary. Time for shopping!

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BASEBALL! To be more exact, Little League Baseball! My older son’s team starts games this Saturday, I can’t wait…it’s truly the arrival of spring.

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my old pal jazz trumpet player is playin in April and I’m going to go get funky!!!! Also I’m going to DCI this August, with many of my old friends.

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and in the short term, my boy pal is coming and we may go to my neices to celebrate my great nephews birthday.

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My house is scheduled to be done by the end of next month.

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My birthday next Friday, and in May my boyfriend and I are moving in together.

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Hubby’ birthday is Saturday and his family is flying in for the celebration. I have arranged for a caterer at their hotel.

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The sun and the rain and the dark holy night.

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Our show opens on April 16! It runs for two weeks, and then I turn 18, and then I go to Paris.

So… yeah. Big next couple of months for me.

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April 1st marks 30 days sober for my partner and me.

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let’s see…easter in april is all i can think of parents and sister and my dog and i get together for an easter supper.nothing fancy/

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I was going to say my pay cheque, but your question gave me food for thought! I need to plan something to look froward to :)

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In the extreme short term, I am looking forward to the coffee pot being done with brewing so I can have my first cup of coffee this morning. :)

Next month we are going to South Carolina for a week while the kids are on spring break. It will be our first family vacation ever, and I can’t wait! I am also very ready for warm weather and sunshine. I’m looking forward to planting tomatoes and basil (everything else I try to grow dies), summer, beach time, swimming, and some new ways to attract and catch insects that my son and I read about. The fantastic weather we had last weekend has made me very impatient!

Also can’t wait to see Toy Story 3 and Harry Potter!

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My 18th wedding anniversary is on Easter Sunday. We plan on going out to eat, which is something we rarely get to do.

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spring break!

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A trip to New York City with my laydah. (May 14th weekend – My birthday!)

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Visiting our daughter in Munich next week.

Soccer World Cup in South Africa.

Our trip to Arizona and Utah in August.

The LHC experiments in Geneva.

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That was my question :) I was sad that it didn’t last very long!

My boyfriend gets back from a business trip on the other side of the world from me in 4 days time. I a going to see Hairspray followed by Alicia Keys in concert and then Lady Gaga in concert all in the space of 2 weeks in May.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I get paid tomorrow as well. Thank goodness.

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I’m excited to soon visit a grandson I’ve yet to meet. He just turned one and so far I’ve experienced his life via telephone and photos. So yes I’m excited!

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Short term: I’m excited about the little guy waking up, so I can feed him then get us all ready to go out back and give the big boy a surprise toy…a Thomas bubble whistle. Plus, he likes to dive into the dirt and rocks, it’s amusing to watch.
Oh, we’re excited for Toy Story too! lol
Also, we’re hosting an Easter Egg Hunt this Sunday in our backyard! Really excited to have a bunch of my sons friends over. Mayhem will ensue.

Long term: I can’t really think of anything. I would say getting into nursing school, but I haven’t had a moment to myself to study at all, given that only one child naps. I have so much to do.
I am looking forward to finding a new home to live in with my family. Been setting up appointments, so that’s exciting!

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I have some visitors coming in a few weeks, them moving here this summer, and I am really looking forward to that. I am also really excited about hiking/backpacking/camping season coming up again this spring…it’s been too damn long!

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As of Thursday I have a five day weekend :)

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Well, this made my day! I just found out “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” was made into a movie in Sweden and this weekend is opening at the little art cinema here in town! I don’t care how my husband feels about subtitles, I’m dragging him with me to see it. We can even get discount tickets through the local book store. :)

Now I also get to look forward to the next two movies in the series, which I found previews for on youtube. :)

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I’m going to go swimming this weekend and work on my tan, which is an epic fail at the moment.

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There’s going to be a production of Clue: The Musical in April in Cannon Beach, Oregon. The audience gets to make the cards. I’m hoping it’s included in a mystery trip my mother’s planning.

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@smileyfase: Tanning is bad. It prematurely ages your skin, causes wrinkles, cancer, etc. Berlusconi might comment on your nice tan but you will never find me commenting on one.

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On the 15th of November I officially finish my high school exams. On the same day I’m going to see an advanced screening of Fantastic Beasts Crimes of Grindelwald… oh it will be a good day!

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