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So are the Americans without health insurance insured now?

Asked by trailsillustrated (16789points) March 24th, 2010

I heard the health thing passed- do they have a NHS now?

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Ha ha! Hardly.

No… we will in a few years time be required to buy private health insurance (with some receiving subsidies from the government) or be subject to a fine. Naturally those receiving health insurance as a government benefit (military and civilian government employees, e.g.) are exempted.

In related news, “beefburgers” are still $.99

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Nope. Damnit. Medicaid is being expanded so more people are caught in the net, but no universal healthcare over here. Oh no! Wouldn’t want to help other people, that’d be un Amurican!

/end rant

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So what does it all mean? does it mean that some un insured person not old enough to get SSI or whatever can walk into the local clinic and get treated?

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It’s complicated, like we do. Basically, medicaid is expanded; government subsidies to help people buy healthcare; no more pre-existing conditions and all are required to have coverage or pay a fine. All of this to start filtering in slowly over the next four years. SSI is a separate entity and will operate as planned, IIRC.

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Here is a basic run-down.

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No but they will make you be insured by 2014. wether you can afford it or not.

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Let’s fine the poor. How lovely.~

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@jonsblond ..really, they cant afford food or shelter so lets fine them for that too. makes me sick.

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that’s why there are subsidies and medicaid is being expanded. not perfect, but it’s something I suppose

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