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How do you approach a next door neighbor that is renting their house as a vacation rental?

Asked by Rangie (3656points) March 24th, 2010

They pack the people in, sometimes 15 to 20 people in the house. The renters are obviously on vacation and having a great time. They fail to realize they are in a quiet neighborhood, and annoy everybody around them. Especially us, as they are 10 feet away. They party until 1or 2 in the morning, their smoke comes into my house. I have copd and literally can’t be around it. I called the neighbor/owner and tried to approach it with, “did you know how many people the real estate company, have in your house?” I told her that I thought she might want to know, because her ad says limit 6 people. She pretty much hung up on me. That didn’t work, I think all they care about is the money.

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There are I am sure residential and property laws in your country or where ever you live. Perhaps seek them out, then you can build an effective case in order to stop this behaviour.

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Yeah… it’s probably zoned for single family (and I’m sure the vacationers are violating noise ordinances) so perhaps you can pursue a legal avenue. Doesn’t sound like your neighbor is too interested in your opinion. Maybe a decent cease and desist letter will change that.

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Call the non-emergency police every time they do this past your noise ordinance (it’s usually 9 on weekdays, 10 on weekends, depending on your county).

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Unfortunately the zoning is R-2. So it allows renting. However, the town right next door had problems similar as I described. Their city managers went in and created some rules which removed some of the residential homeowners from renting, due to location. If they were located near hotels and motels, and close to the ocean they were more likely to get the okay. But the quiet neighborhood was restricted.

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If you can’t get zoning on your case, I think @Violet had a good idea. More like damage control as it happens. Or you could approach the people in a friendly way and point out that there are regular residents in the neighbourhood that go to bed at regular hours etc, I am sure though there must be some rule stating number of persons allowed in a house at one time?

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@Just_Justine That is what I thought too. Number of people in the house might just be the way to go. I think I will gather some of the neighbors and schedule a meeting with the City manage, chief of police and the Mayor. Might as well go after this thing in a big way, or not at all.

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