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What would it feel like to be level drained in real life?

Asked by talljasperman (21842points) March 24th, 2010

What would it feel like to be level drained in real life(Dungeons and Dragons)? I want to compare notes from a bad time in my life.(ex-girlfriends ect.) I felt like I was being level drained and I became 100 lbs underweight and I failed out of a crappy university… and I wondered is this what it feels like to be level drained? Having ones soul devoured? Emotional pain overwhelming…. the urge to give up… and stop stuggling… fear and anxiety?

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i cast WTF level 99.

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@ninjacolin Its a Dungeons and Dragons attack that undead and ghosts have…. they drain your life force and then If your too weak you die and become what killed you.

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I think it’d feel like being jet-lagged….

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@JeffVader Agreed… but with more guilt and stress

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Isn’t this more like inflicting the “depressed” status with -100 weight loss?
Level draining would just suddenly make you incompetent, with no guilt or emotional pain.

Well, good luck regaining your XP.

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@Fyrius will do…After I stop failing the morale checks

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It’s more like a process of ungrowth, on a mental level, at least the way i describe it. It drains your knowledge, your prowess, your skill, but doesn’t damage you directly.

What happend to you is more like a desperation flavoured combined constitution and wisdom drain.

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@Thammuz sounds about right thanks

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Realizing that you’re drawing meaningful parallels between dungeons and dragons and the rest of your life. That might feel a bit like a drain to me.

Sorry, that was mean. You’re probably just being artistic. But a game’s too simple to break down life problems with in any meaningful way.

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It would probably feel the same way I felt after 42 straight hours on call. Exhausted, hallucinating a little, and really, really, bitchy irritable. :-)

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How the F do you get to be 100lbs under weight?

To most people 100lbs underweight = dead

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Hyperbole? It’s a suspiciously round number too, exactly one hundred.

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My most hated literary technique is the hyperbole:
pointless exaggeration, I have actually gone insane from hearing it a million times a day.

Also, mate, relating to stuff in the game in terms of your life is one thing, but relating to stuff in your life in terms of the game is another thing entirely…

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@zophu Wrong. Here’s a game about changing the world and ending problems like food shortages and water purity, running right now.

Here’s a game that deals with the Holocaust, and demonstrates certain elements of the horror more effectively than an essay can. (I’ve had the privilege of playing it. It’s really good.)

Really, from a certain perspective, games are the only way we really get a handle on life’s problems without breaking down under the weight of it all.

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You’re completely right, elenuial. I overly generalized my statement about games. My basic point still stands here, though, I think. I still should not have disrespected the medium.

I believe games are the future of storytelling. Just played Heavy Rain, and while it had the same problems a lot of games have in lack of relevance to the real world, it was real enough to change my life.

Simulations are how we deal with reality, you’re right.

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I envy you, as I really want to play Heavy Rain. I’m a fan of Quantic Dream’s work.

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@drClaw I’m 6’5” and 275 pounds now… I was 130 lbs in university

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Probably like Jet Lag, or heat exhaustion.

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ack! necro! sorry!

I think people with Alzheimers have an “experience point” drain.
If they cannot work because of their Alzheimers… well that’s like a level restricted class, but in reverse! They are no longer at a sufficient level to be that class of character (Class: Middle Manager).
So a level drain would feel like alzheimers disease.

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