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How should I download music?

Asked by clairedete (331points) March 7th, 2008

What is the best program for downloading all kinds of music?

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continued.. I just bought a new macbook so I need the safest & best program. I’ve been using limewire but that’s kind of sketchy & worries me.

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don’t use p2p unless it’s torrent.
i find this site pretty helpful
there’s also tons of blogs out there with rapidshare/megaupload links of full albums.
i definitely prefer it over downloading single songs.
if you want to use torrents download utorrent and go to to search (it searches most of the torrent sites)

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That entire response was greek to me.. Seems complicated.

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I use lime wire. My computer crashes about every 6 months because of it but that’s all I use it for anymore. Of course I still buy the CDs save them to itunes and sync my phone I like to support the artist because my hubble is a musician and I know how much they appreciate it when you buy instead of download without paying…

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Limewire is an awful, bloated java application full of crap spam content.

Download Transmission. Then download a torrent from Mininova (large site). Then open the torrent file in Transmission, which will go and download the actual files. Torrents are kinda like shortcuts to the real files online.

Make sure to download the ones with the most seeds (the number of people uploading the file to others). If you’re still confused about how torrents work, this is a pretty simple explanation.

iTunes is by far the simplest method though. Personally I think it’s a pretty good deal too. $1 per song, $10 per album. Good luck.

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iTunes or the Amazon mp3 store

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1st: Limewire is no longer safe to use.
2nd: Support the artists that are going against the status quo and releasing their music without DRM and are selling it themselves.
3rd: Check out It has monthly fees, but the mp3 files have no DRM and are good quality. I regularly find a lot of new artists there.
4th: iTunes
5th: Amazon often has the same albums as iTunes for less, and with no DRM and higher bitrates.
6th: MySpace. A lot of fledgling bands allow you to download a couple of their tracks in the hopes of spreading the word about themselves, and hoping you’ll buy the full album.

In other words, don’t pirate music. Support the legal downloading of music through the proper channels, and eventually the music industry will take note.

stuff12's avatar – free version of limewire pro

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Hey, I just got a new macbook too. Cheers!

I think i’m going to break down and use iTunes…why not at this point.

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