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Has anything ever happened, that makes you feel lucky that you s/o is still with you?

Asked by Sophief (6681points) March 24th, 2010

I was just thinking about when my dad attacked my boyfriend. At the time I was thinking “this is over now, he won’t want me after this”, and I think I felt every emotion possible that night.

When he said that, “of course” he wouldn’t leave me, I was relieved and happy and I felt so lucky that after all that, he still wants me.

Has anything happened to you like this to make you feel lucky?

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what the hell, why did he attack your boyfriend and why would you continue dating him? I’m confused.

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Yes, we broke up a few years ago and decided to never see each other again (it was a very hard break up and, looking back, neither of us wanted it). A few months later he called me and we started again. We have been together ever since and now I can’t imagine my life without him. I can’t believe that we very nearly cut each other out of our lives and I feel so relieved that he called me because I was to scared to call him even though I was desperate to do so.

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Good Lord…there is a list of reasons that I feel lucky to still have my husband. He has reasons that he feels the same about me. For us, it comes down to the fact that it just works with us. We are incredibly open, we believe in each other and we realize that life happens.

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@Lothloriengaladriel Why would I not date him? Because my dad hit him? I’m confused.

@Leanne1986 You sound like you have a good man there.

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@Dibley I’m rather fond of him!

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Luck has nothing to do with it

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@Dibley when I was much younger I felt very insecure about a lot of things. I had such a dam eccentric family I feared they would scare my friends and boyfriends away. Luckily they didn’t run away and I felt very grateful. Both my parents are deceased now and I realize that no one is perfect, not my parents nor me, nor my friends or boyfriends.

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My partner and I quit drinking and I was told he would go through a lot of emotional changes, some I might not be prepared for such as him re evaluating what makes our relationship important to him. Though I was confident at first, I did get a little sketchy about details such as sexual attraction (how much does booze affect it), emotional security versus convenience and familiarity of emotional support and whatever determines the feeling of “love”. It feels like we’re gaining more than what we’ve given up and I’m with @hug_of_war in that I feel luck has nothing to do with it, we’ve suffered, we’ve made efforts but consciously.

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You know, Dibley, I get where you’re coming from. I’m not sure how much of it has to do with luck. Are we lucky we met each other, or would we have gotten together no matter what because we are supposed to be together, or is it that we love each other so much that we are naturally commited to making our marriage work? I honestly don’t know.

What I can say is that, without the work, we’d be long gone from each other’s lives. Nothing is free; one way or another, you won’t have the best things in life without dedicating yourself to them. I do feel lucky he loves me, but I would feel that if it were some other man in his place. It would be a totally different relationship, but equal, because I won’t marry a person unless I see that his love and dedication are equal to mine. If my husband were to die, it is my sincere hope that I would not wander through the rest of my life never knowing this level of love and devotion again. Imagining no longer having him or the depth of love he has given me is enough to make me cry.

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Pretty much everything he does for me makes me feel lucky…I find myself thinking What did I do to deserve something so good?? It’s amazing :D

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I’ve been through some pretty crappy jobs within the past couple years, and he has been so supportive. He was also very supportive when I went through friendship and family drama.

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I’m just so lucky to have him, I am a very very lucky girl.

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