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Having some Internet connection problems , what can i do to stop them happening . ( PS3 )

Asked by sandystrachan (4397points) March 24th, 2010

Right it’s my PS3 that has the issues , it works fine up stairs this id done wireless . And its furthest away from the modem router a Thomson livebox mini , Yet when i connect it wireless downstairs in the main room it is hard to play certain game modes on certain games . After a while i get disconnected from the network , or the game universe this can be when waiting to Q for a game it acts like it times out .
I was thinking on buying a Powerline ’ Belkin F5D4076uk 1Gb Powerline Adapter ’ to be exact , thing is would i need to buy a 1 GB size or less my internet is as said by the provider 6Mbps , yet while wirless on the ps3 only gives me around 1 or 2 MAX . Should i buy the 1gig or should i buy less cause the gig wont do anything ?
Maybe there is something i can do that doesnt cost too much cash like the powerline does ( not that cash is an issue ) I cant go wired as that would mean calling in an engineer to re route where the phone access is located to the livinroom . As far as i can see powerline is my only option but what one to get…...... PLEASE HELP

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Depends on the price. If it’s not that bad – get the 1gb. As with all gadgets and tech, you should try to futureproof it. Buying a lesser one now would only set you up for failure in the future.

Case in point – we don’t need wireless N now on our laptops – but soon everything will be wireless N. Like you wouldn’t think of buying a computer with wireless A options only… would you?

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A gigabit network device will be an overkill for your needs, especially if you’re dealing with broadband application. You can safely use a 10/100 network adapter.

One thing to remember with this type of device is that you need to plug it directly into a dedicated wall socket, not a multi-use outlet.

The Belkin F5D4071 is a 10/100 adapter and about half the price of the gigabit version you’re looking at.

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If these powerlines are so good , why is it people say they interfere with the broadband signal . Is What people say about them true that people can access my broadband from a distance , if i were to use powerline cause it acts like a transmitter over a mile away .

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