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How can i fix my blackberry?

Asked by chian (554points) March 24th, 2010

My blackberry has been acting wacko and i want to reset it, (i have already backed up everything). Does anyone know how i can reset it to sort of “clean” it again from beginning?
Any advice is welcome!!!!

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Options > Security Options > General Settings > Click the trackwheel/trackball on the Password field > Select “Wipe Handheld“. As with the above method you be prompted to enter “blackberry” (no quotes) in order confirm the system wipe. Source

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@RandomMrAdam i have the new blackberry bold with a mouse type thing, not a rolly ball. There is no “general setting” after sec options!!!

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Is this the phone you have?

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DO NOT wipe the handheld before backing-up your data… there is no recourse to recovery once you wipe your blackberry.

You probably have the BlackBerry Bold 9700 which has a trackpad . . .
To wipe, go to OPTIONS -> SECURITY OPTIONS ->SECURITY WIPE . . . choose which option you want. . .

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In the description he said its backed up.

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I do have the 9700. I did all that you said and it has 3 options to check 3 boxes:
-emails contacts etc
-user installed applications
-media card

for some god forsaken reason the one i want to wipe (user installed applications) doesnt click.

@randommradam i am a girl! and yes i have backed up

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@chian Ooops sorry, my mistake :) “she said…”

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User installed applications is grayed-out (or not clickable) probably because you don’t have any . . . so just proceed with what you can work on.

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