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So my friend got us stuck in a mudpit and we have no one we know that can help us?

Asked by xcourtneyxcupcakesx (58points) March 7th, 2008 from iPhone

any suggestions?

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Board under the tires that are stuck. You need only an leeetlebit of good traction at the critical moment.
Either that or rock the car back and forth and have them acc. at the top of the rock.

Well… actually…
where are you?

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There are many tow services that specialize in getting out 4-wheelers that are stuck in even the worst mess.

They’ll be able to get you out, for a fee of course.

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That is not cool, and cool people usually do cool stuff. @delirium-Sand?

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were in Arkansas. It snowed and the ground is really soft

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It depends on if their stuck because there’s not enough traction or—-

Sand. Sand = friction.
Or, are you out there right now? Are you iphoning from next to the car?

Is there a woods nearbye, or anything you can slip under part of the tire to help you get traction?

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It works! I’ve used it! I had a shipment of calci-sand. Its the best kind to use for this. It contracts when it gets wet.
It solidifies.

Reptiles shouldn’t get the stuff, though. It causes impactions. I use it for art.
You can find it at a pet store.

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Call for a tow. I’ve been stuck in more places and in more vehicles than I want to admit to. It’ll cost you some $$ but its better than sleeping in the bed of a pickup in freezing weather.

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we got out. Finally

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Care to explain how?

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