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Do you let your dog sleep with you?

Asked by Rangie (3656points) March 24th, 2010

Do you treat your dog like a family member? Does your dog act like you think a dog should, or does it act more like a person? My two little girl Bichons sleep in my bed, and use a pillow, and when it is cold they cover up. They don’t like to go outside except to potty and run around a little. When I wake up, often, through out the night, there is always one of them near my head. So I reach over and rub their head and ears as it relaxes me and I can go back to sleep faster. I love having them in my life.

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He can’t get past the cat.

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No way.I don’t think it’s a good idea.

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She sleeps on a dog bed which is placed right beside me on my bed.
But when we nap, she usually sleeps on my chest.
Oh, and because she’s wittle and can’t jump up on the bed, she has a little wooden step stool on the side to help her. :)

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these things were once living in the forest. they have a fur coat and don’t bathe more than however often you bathe them. imagine you had a permanent fur coat and you didn’t bathe more than once a week? they don’t wipe their own ass for God’s sake why would you let them on your bed?

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Usually I have at least one dog on the bed with me at night but they know that hwne I say “down” they have to get off the bed. Providing they stick to that rule and get off when I tell them to, I am fine with them being allowed on the bed.

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Aw, how cute! I have a 6-month old bichon frise puppy, but she doesn’t sleep on the bed until she’s housebroken. :-)

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We’ve got cats right now.
I’d say about half the time there is a cat in our bed when we sleep, sometimes right between our pillows

Depends on how restless they are, if we want to sleep and they don’t they go out the door.

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No, cause if she did I wouldn’t have anywhere to sleep. So when nobody is on the couch, she climbs up there and stretches out and glares at you when you sit on the couch next to her.

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Dogs need to be treated like dogs or they can get confused as to what their role is & consequently, how to behave.

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Yep. My 9lbs pouch burrows under the covers and keeps my feet warm. When the missus is with me, no, he sleeps in his dog bed on the floor.

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Our dogs (both over 60 lbs) get a blanket on the floor, that’s it. They are not allowed on any furniture in our house.

@JeffVader great answer!

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If he wants to. He usually does not want to . :-)

Except when it is 4am. Just wish he would not ask me, before hopping on the bed.

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If it was permissible, I would. But since I share a bed with a human, and the option is sleep with the dog on the futon or sleep with the human, I’ll take option #2 any day. It doesn’t mean I don’t beg almost every night to have a 3-some with the pup and the human [this doesn’t sound right… Get your mind outta the gutter!!]

(Looking forward to going on a solo-vacation though, so I get to share a bed with the pup.)

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yep, both my fur babies sleep up on the bed with us. They have their own little blankets which they snuggle under when mum covers them up. They do have their dog beds downstairs in the living room where its warmest to nap in during the day when mum and dad are at work. @mrrich724 my fur babies are cleaner than most people thank you very much.

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No, my dog has a dog bed she sleeps in which is beside my bed. She isn’t allowed on the furniture either. I know my friends don’t want dog hair on their clothes and neither do I.

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I believe dogs were put on the earth, strictly to be mans best friend and here is why:

They do not care what you look like 24/7. they just want to be with you.

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No, I don’t think its very sanitary.

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Yes my furry canine friends – Lhasa apsos – sleep on the bed. Well one of them does, and the other one sleeps in her ‘strawberry igloo bed’. They are my friends, are loyal no matter what, listen to whatever I have to say, don’t argue back and are always there for me.
They most certainly are a family member and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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I think you are lucky to have them, as they are you. I wish I had such good friends :)

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I have never slept with any of the dogs I’ve owned over the years and quite frankly I never will. I don’t believe in co-sleeping with children above 5 either. Everyone should sleep in his or her place, according to me.

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I have a doggie bed near my bed, but sometimes cuddle with my dog and we have suggle time on days that I get to sleep in. Usually if I go to sleep, my dog gets down and sleeps in his own bed.

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Yes, but don’t tell her. She thinks she is my wife.

Oh wait, I don’t even have a dog…LOL, That Is My Wife!!!

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She has her own bed she can fart in.

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No my dog has his own bed downstairs! He is allowed on a blanket in the sofa sometimes though as a treat but soon gets kicked off when my husband and I find ourselves squashed at either side of the sofa thinking is this sofa getting smaller??

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One of my dogs sleeps with us and the other (a greyhound) wants to. We let him come up on the bed if we are reading in bed, but before going to sleep he has to go down on his own bed, because he sprawls and takes over all the space.

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Yes! Every single night without fail. My 4 yr. old mini dachshund who is far from being a mini (24lbs) stares at me and whines. He and our Italian Greyhound Spencer, Will Not go into the bedroom until I get into bed and still they both wait until I am beneath the blankets before they both finally get on the bed and beneath the covers!! Too many times I’ve said let’s go to bed and they would beat me there, only to have me get back out of bed(because I forgot my book or something). Bailey sleeps either above my head on a kingsize down pillow and Spencer sleeps behind my knees. Only thing wrong with this picture, is that Bailey Snores!!! Gosh I hate snoring! Oh! I forgot to mention, I have a cat that refuses to sleep anywhere but against my stomach or chest. Only problem I have with that, is, I am allergic to him. Actually to all cats but, Buddy doesn’t seem to care!

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My parents share a queen size bed with two large dogs and a cat.

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This has been asked here
and here
and kind of here

I’ll just copy my answer from that.
Any dog or cat is welcome to sleep in my bed.
One of our mini-horses used to sleep in the bed with me. He had steps to climb up and everything.

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@Just_Justine You not got any pets?

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I would but i’m betting i’d be licked to death by morning.So no beddies i’m afwaid.Don’t see anything wrong with it though.What anyone does in their own home is their business,whatever you’re happy with go for it.

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My pets are welcomed on our bed and into every part of our lives as much as possible. Rooting my head off the pillow so that you can have it all to yourself will get yer butt pushed to the foot of the bed, though. Eh, we all have to make compromises when we live together as a family :)

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No one else will.

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@rangerr My husband always used to threaten that Mr. Ed would say move over one night.

I would love to have a miniature horse in bed!

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Noooooooooooooooooo! My dog has his own bedding. Now, where I most often sleep (with SO) he lets his small dog sleep in the bed with us, it won’t settle down otherwise. It’s taken a lot for me to relax with a little fur bundle at my feet during special nekid times and picking his little hairs from my face, off the pillow, knowing he steps through his own pee and then walks upon our sheets we snuggle into . Ugh. The things people do for love.

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I am happy to see that so many of you love your pets as much as I do. My babies don’t shed hair anymore than I do. And pardon me mrrich724, they do wipe on the lawn and I can be seen washing their little hind ends. They are probably as clean, if not cleaner than you are.
And who ever said just how a dog needs to be treated? And just because whomever said how, does that make it so? My babies are cared for in every way possible. I will pay whatever it takes to keep them healthy, and happy. They give my husband and I so much to enhance our lives, that it is the least we can do for them. We are 67 and 80 years old, and our babies help round out our family.
They are litter sisters and have never been apart. They love each other so much that they have to be in the same cage when they go to the groomers. They each have their place in the bed. Paddy curls up between our pillows, using the top corner of my pillow for her head. I have a little blanket for her. Maddy sleep between us just under the covers, with her nose poking out sometimes.

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One little dog and one big cat- sometimes a queen sized bed is not big enough!

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Of course not—it would upset my ewe and I’d never get any.

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my 90 lb golden retriever literally sleeps on top of me like i’m a litter mate (but the alpha of course)...

he gets upset when i have a man over and the man sleeps in my bed instead…he goes nuts and wants to get in between us. I was annoyed at first and so was the man but then I realized that I would rather have my dog there than him, and that to lock my best friend and partner in crime in his crate to please some moderately interesting person that isnt even that fabulous, is betrayal.

I pick my pup anyday.

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@Bronny No offence but from what you have said, it doesn’t sound like you are the alpha at all!

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My dog is far too big to share the bed but she’s never really wanted to. Even on occasions when my partner’s away and there is room, my dog won’t sleep with me. She likes to wander round the house at night. She’ll spend some of it sleeping on my bedroom floor, or in her basket, and some of the night she sleeps downstairs on the couch.

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Yup. My dog is spoiled rotten.

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@Leanne1986 haha in retrospect, you are probably right. damn it.

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