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Does pointing a fan outside of a window will get all the odor and germs out?

Asked by bstar3 (182points) March 24th, 2010

Well I been sick for the last week, I my room is really messy, and it stinks. So, i’m cleaning it up right now. I’m wondering while the fan is on and is pointing outside of a window will all the odor go out?

(I’m still spraying air freshener though)

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Only the particles that are air born. And, as long as those particles don’t stick to something on the way out.

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Better than a closed window and no fan, for sure.

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Will work to a degree. but, pointing a fan to the outside of a window will also bring in the outside, through other windows. just open the other windows, slightly and feel the outside breeze coming in.

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It will help, but it won’t get rid of everything, and probably will have little to no effect on actual germs, which are likely to have settled on surfaces and stay there.

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@Snarp I know, won’t do much but it still does a little something right?

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@bstar3 If the room is stinky and stuffy, opening a window and running a fan is a good idea for sure, will probably help more than the air freshener. Also, cleaning surfaces will help more than the air freshener. I would clean and open the window and run a fan and skip the freshener, but that’s just me, I tend not to like odorants any more than odors. The fresh air coming in to replace the air going out is also probably just as helpful.

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I use a solution of liquid antibacterial soap, water, and a tiny bit of bleach. Read here about disenfecting properties of bleach and proper ratios
I mop the floor and wipe all surfaces with it. Make sure to wipe places touched a lot, like door handles. I usually just wipe everything. I wash all bed linens in hot soapy water. If there is a carpet I sprinkle baking soda and let it sit a few hours and vacuum it back up. Sometimes if the mattress has been soiled I also wipe down the mattress (just the surface), let it dry, then sprinkle with baking soda, let it sit for an hour and use a shop vac or a hand held vac to vac up any extra baking soda. Any soiled clothes on the floor are picked up and washed. Trash cans , puke buckets, anything else are taken to the bath tub and hosed out with the shower hose and some bleach and soap.

Bleach is only a little over a buck a gallon and you only need a little bit diluted with a lot water. It is cheap. So is baking soda, less than a buck a box. This is cheap and effective.

If you want to spend more, my second recommendation is to use Lysol Concentrate diluted as directed on the bottle, in place of the bleach.

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That only works to keep flies from coming in.

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Yes, it will help!

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