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In the long run, will Toyota suffer for the accelerated gas problem?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) March 24th, 2010

For ten years, Toyota has been the number one car maker. its quality and unsurpassed reliability have been amazing. are there jealous car makers out there that have sabotaged Toyota, to knock Toyota from its number one position? i have driven a Toyota for ten years with absolutely no problems. no wonder its number one. will Toyota recover from this “situation” and remain number one?

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I have a feeling that there is some kind of software bug going on here that Toyota cannot replicate and therefore cannot fix. They’ve taken the wrong approach to the whole thing by saying “I can’t replicate it, therefore it doesn’t exist”. Anyone who deals with software knows that there are bugs you can’t replicate that still exist, they’re just frustrating and impossible to fix until you can replicate them. Of course we also know that there are stupid users. A few of the Toyota problems are the latter, but not all. I’ve also heard reports that Toyota is not the only manufacturer to have these problems. They need to fix the way they are handling this, and if they do then it will not be a problem in the long term, but the question remains: how long is long term. It may be quite a few years before Toyota gets their reputation back. Or at least until there’s another safety fiasco at Ford.

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Thanks, Snarp. i agree with you and i still believe the problem is in the cruise control system. the cars act just like being in cruise control and going up a grade, the gas pedal goes to the floor to compensate for the uphill grade.

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Funny thing is that I’ve found that the cruise control on my wife’s Prius is the best I’ve ever seen. normally I can control my speed much better than any cruise control I’ve used and stay closer to where I want to be. With the Prius the cruise control is the only way to go on the highway. It stays right where you set it, only varying by one or two miles per hour on the steepest hills.

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I read a sci-fi book once based on the Terminator movies. Right before Skynet nukes the hell out of everything, there’s a series of unexplained motor vehicle problems. Turns out it was the computer starting it’s terminating early.

Toyota=Terminator? Inquiring minds want to know… :-)

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This will be a good test of Toyotas lawyers since American Prius owners are now coming out with fraudlent claims against Toyota. Suddenly, if someone with a Prius has an accident, they’re starting to blame the acceleration issue immediately while crash investigators are finding no such evidence.

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Snarp. no problem with my cruise control, either. my car has a 5th gear overdrive. i thought they went out years ago. whatcha think?

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Capt. F….so true. everyone wants to get on the bandwagon, especially where money is concerned. somehow, i still feel that sabotage is responsible.

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There has been at least one case in New York where the driver claimed the Toyota went out of control and caused an accident, but police found that the driver had in fact mashed on the gas instead of the brake.

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That does not surprise me.

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They’ll completely recover. Each major car manufacturer has had their hiccups. I can’t name a single one except for Toyota because it’s the only one that has happened (so far) during my car driving lifetime. Give it 5–10 years and no one will even remember Toyota’s incident.

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Probably if you fill it full of curry,but then wouldn’t we all.Pewwww.

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Oh Toyota. I should not but I will. First of all I have always thought Toyota is over rated. I have known dozens of people that have owned Toyotas and had nothing but problems with them. Toyota was originally known as Toiletota. That is what Toyota translated into english means. I never have and never will own a rust bucket piece of crap Toyota. I will also never own a KIA which stand for Krappy Imported Auto and Komunist Imported Auto. Yeah they cant spell in Korea. I will also never own a Hyundai or a Mahindra or any of that crap they try to call an automobile.

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