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65K Vs. AMOLED. Are they even in the same category?

Asked by Truefire (155points) March 24th, 2010 My question is regarding the graph on the link above. It seems to me that 65K is the color depth, not the display type (like AMOLED) can anyone confirm this?

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According to Engadget it sports a TFT LCD, so it sounds like “65K” is indeed something else.

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65K (colors) may very well refer to a TFT LCD display. On the otherhand, the AMOLED display has 16M colors.

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65k is the number of colors the screen can display. amoled is the screen type. what really matters, i think is the screen type. a lot nokia models use 260k screen and they sucks, compared to many wm phones that only have 65k. i’m using nexus one right now. the screen’s great but is a battery sucker

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@gggritso Thanks for the answer! I just read your interview today!

@njnyjobs Thanks too!

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