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Are there supplements anyone knows of that can help decrease the oil production of my skin?

Asked by bellusfemina (808points) March 24th, 2010

I have super oily skin on my face. I do everything I’m supposed to as far as taking care of my skin. I use a base under my makeup to reduce oil. I also use mineral makeup, and I have a package of oil-blotter sheets that I keep in my purse. I have to go through 2 or 3 oil blotter sheets every few hours, otherwise my face is so shiny it looks like a freaking mirror, and you can see your reflection! I’m 28, and I thought oily skin was for teenagers! It’s driving me nuts. My Mom says I will appreciate it when I get older- I sure hope so! Does anyone know of any herbal supplements or anything I can take to decrease the oil production of my skin?

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You can make use of tea tree oil!

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I also have very oily skin which is at it’s worst a few hours after I shower. I just use those oil sheets that you mentioned and it generally stays away. You seem to have it worse though. Maybe you should ask a dermatologist?

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@bellusfemina: Have you considered climate controlling your house such that more skin oil is required? This may make you feel as if you have less.

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I don’t know about supplements, but have you tried benzoyl peroxide face wash? I found that being really gentle with exfoliates decreased my production. Following the regimen (e.g., get a big tube of 2.5% BP and apply 5x more than you ever thought you needed, twice a day) helped a lot. And I second getting to a derm if you can.

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When you are old you will appreciate it, that’s for sure! I’m almost fifty and it’s finally drying out but I have no wrinkles.
I always used glycolic or salicylic acid toners, and that seemed to help.
Don’t avoid moisturisers all together, just get an oil free one (with a sun screen.) If you do to much to dry it out your skin will react and work overtime to compensate, producing even more oils.
Good luch and thank your skin when you’re 50!

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you can try different products.
just dont use cheesy ones. they are made from oil byproduct

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