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If you suspected your job was to be outsourced in 3 months, how would you react?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11447points) March 24th, 2010

Obviously looking for a new job becomes priority #1 but how do you act in the time you have left at that job?

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Very angry and would probably be asking the dad for some extra dough.

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That’s a 3 months from now problem.

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I’d ask to move to the country that it’s being outsourced to. You might wanna check out this movie.

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Make myself valuable in the interim, volunteer to be on the transition team, make myself memorable for the sake of job recommendations.

Just waiting it out can be demoralizing, and (understandably) bad attitudes make the atmosphere toxic.

I worked through a company bankruptcy, we went from 800 employees to 60. The remaining business was acquired and I worked for the new company 8 years before leaving on my own volition.

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I’d panic a bit, but continue to work as hard as I could at the current job whilst finding another. If I don’t have another job shortly after three months, I’d resort to prostitution. You see, my duck is very high-maintenance and he demands a lot of donuts. I really wouldn’t have the heart to tell him that I’d have to cut back on them.
Will spread for donuts.

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I’d spend all the time I could looking for work and do the minimum on the job, unless there was a chance of moving somewhere else within the company. If they didn’t know me by then, working hard for three months wouldn’t improve my recommendations.

I’m a guy with a donut factory. I do happen to be looking for a gal-fri uh administrative assistant!

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^ ^
I I Did not actually say that. I was under the spell of a wicked duck at the time.

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Probably not do much for the job but instead work hard to find a new one.

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I would not be angry. I might be frustarted, and depending on my sitaution I would look for another job or enjoy the idea of unemployment (not just the money, but aso the time off).

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Good time to sap up uncle Sam’s free money :).

I’d start a new business with my savings.

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First I would everything I could to confirm that suspicion and if that is indeed the case I would save money and as much as I could, I would network like crazy, take off every vaca day owed to me, steal all the office supplies I could and begin to secure any investments owed to me eg 401K. And of course secure your Cobra package if you feel the need. 3 months will go by quick and better get your ducks in a row as early as possible.

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You could start encrypting all the essential files with some very heavy encryption – revolving code (key changes every few hours) and keep the logs. Tell them that you’d like to help. but the stress of being unemployed his brought on hysterical amnesia. Say that you can’t imagine anything less than an iron-clad contract guaranteeing employment for a decade or two relieving that stress.

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Woo hoo! My job sucks.

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I like Jeruba’s new hat.

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Well, for some of us, the anticipation lasted up to two years. For some, the task has been to train our replacements. For others, it’s been helping management figure out how to transition our roles into obsolescence.

Burning bridges when you are looking for work is usually a poor idea. I’d recommend remaining thoroughly professional in manner and conduct while working on an emotional divorce from the people and the environment so the blow is minimal when it comes. If the writing were really on the wall, I’d be busy looking vigorously and would also tell my manager I’m looking. Is there any possibility of transfer within the company?

Thanks, @DarkScribe. Celebrating the vernal equinox.

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With resumes and interviews.

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Find my niche focusing on a rare combination of skills.

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