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Have you ever sold Avon? If so, what were your experiences?

Asked by Fernspider (3587points) March 24th, 2010

I recently called the local Avon number asking for a brochure to buy Avon products.

The woman who took the call asked if I would be interested in being a seller in my area. At first I declined, but after considering it, I called back and asked what was involved.

I have now agreed to do it but am feeling reservations. Have you ever sold Avon or a similarly set up product? Was it so difficult that you ceased doing it? Is it set up to make the parent company rich with the unrealistic promise of money at your expense or is it actually a great way to make money and meet people?

Opinions or experience invited.

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I havn’t but my mother did when i was young, she made money and liked it. But nowadays i think it could be dangerous if you still have to go to peoples houses. I would like it if someone would leave me an avon book though!

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I sold Avon for a while about 10 years ago. I loved it. It was very easy to do. I mostly sold to friends and family members, basically people I knew I wasn’t going to have to chase for money. The only downfall for me was that I spent more money than I made. I would order a lot of stuff for myself and eat up all my profits. So, if you can keep from doing that, then, I would say, go for it. It’s fun.

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seems like unless you have alot of friends or family to buy from you it might be hard. I had friends that did mary kay and they gave it up it was too hard

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Sounds like a pyramid scheme, I’d avoid it. If you have the skills necessary to sell things door to door or through those horrible “parties” middle class women love, why not find a product you think is under-rated (preferably one you could use if you weren’t able to sell it) and buy it in bulk for a good price strait from a factory. No need for the middle man. If you need training, buy some books or something. Don’t be a customer-salesperson if you can help it. As far as I see it there are better options.

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Hmmm, that was what I was worried about too. The woman told me that I would have to pay the P&H plus pay $9.00 per pack of 10 brochures. Considering I would only make 20% over $100.00 I potentially risk chewing up any profit I do make on the capital.

I often buy Avon myself but no longer have a representative so thought that potentially I would be subsidising my own consumption. May be more work than reward.

Could be fun if I had the time and a large number of contacts but alas, I have neither really.

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I love avon…..I sell it….I have 2 good customers, including a sister who tips well. I love their products and I am not pushy. I’m on disability so I dont have the work contacts. I do not pay 9 bucks for 10 books. It’s a 20 buck start up fee.

You can even start a website, but that is where I’m losing money. There is an 8 buck fee each campaign for the website.

Like anything else, it’s all what you put into it. Avon is a nationally recoqnized brand, with great customer service and ordering is easy online.

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I wonder if the customer service and system works the same in Australasia though. I assume it is very similar if not the same but it is possible that the costs probably differ.

I was told the products are shipped from Australia (to New Zealand – my location) and therefore requires a $7.50 postage free on every campaign.

Seems like a lot of people emjoy it though so perhaps I shouldn’t worry about giving it a try.

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$9 for 10 brochures seems like a rip off. they should have no problem giving brochures away, since that’s how they advertise their product. if you get a brochure from most other places, they would not charge you, the customer, a fee so why would they charge so much to a salesperson? that seems awfully high.

i used to work somewhere where a retiree sold Avon, and she would come around and leave piles of brochures and people would order. i didn’t because i don’t care for Avon. I consider Avon kind of trashy. i know they tried to spruce up their image lately, but i still consider their products on the low rung of quality.

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If you guys have the skill to sell these things, why do you need Avon to hold your hand? You shouldn’t have to pay for anything but products to sell. It seems to me that if you can be successful with this Avon, you could be successful on your own without their “campaigns”. This may not be a classic pyramid scheme, but it is semi-scammy. Ask yourself, do you think most people who sign up for this stuff make a profit? Do you think that most of them might actually end up losing money in the end?

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Oh jezz… I have opened up a can of self serving Avon sellers! lol

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