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If you had three wishes, what would they be?

Asked by technokid20 (10points) March 7th, 2008

Just that genie question you see all the time, except not everything goes.

1. You can’t wish for more.
2. You can’t wish for the moment to happen again in a certain amount of time.
3. You can’t wish for anything to do with world domination or terrorism. (But who would?)

Other than that, everything goes. I don’t think I missed anything, but if I did please point it out.

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1. World Peace.
2. End to Hunger/aids/disease, etc.
3. Complete dimensional control.

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to be a pimp
be happy
Mom and dad get last

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and tolerance in the world.

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My youth
A functioning thyroid

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1. All illegal immigrants made legal
2. A nissan skyline
3. No more winter

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My first wish would be for the genie to take my 2nd and 3rd wishes to someone who really needed them.

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With complete dimensional control, you could do that. except for everyone. :D.
you could do anything with it though.

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1to be more like Jesus
2 to have the finance to be a full time missionary
3 to have faith to move mountains

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1. Invisblity.
2. The ability to fly.
3. Time Travel.


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1. The knowledge of the wisest wishes to make if I had 1 wish.
2. See 1.
3. I’d keep this wish for a rainy day.

I wouldn’t wish for the knowledge of what were the wisest wishes if I had 2 wishes, because one would probably be the knowledge of what the best wish would be if I had only 1 wish, and that would leave me with only one wish anyway!

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oops, I meant..
1. The knowledge of the wisest wish to make if I had 1 wish.

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have spiderman powers


Be smart

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