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I need to receive texts from Yahoo! Messenger on my Samsung S5230, but I dont have a data plan...

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) March 24th, 2010

I want to get messages from Yahoo! Messenger as text messages, how can I do that? Im in Mexico, by the way..

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See if there is any sort of preference in YM for sending incoming messages to texts or phones, but besides that, there’s probably not a whole lot you can do.

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Does this work?

Yahoo! Messenger for SMS?

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Login to Yahoo Messenger via SMS:

Text to 92466 the following:
IN<space><YM Screen name><space><password>

after logging in, you will get confirmation from YM, and a list of your YM buddies with their designated SMS number. Your status will then be shown to your buddies as being on a mobile phone device accessible via SMS, which would limit their messages to 160 characters per message.

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Call your carrier for help; you’re confused.

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@thriftymaid it’s not a carrier issue. OP does not subscribe to data service. YM on SMS is the best option as per my ealier post.

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@njnyjobs gotcha. I actually just read it as texts, which doesn’t require a data plan.

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I stand corrected. @njnyjobs answer seems like a pretty good one.

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@dverhey actually, there is an option on Yahoo Messenger app that lets your YM ID be automatically logged in on your registered mobile number. However, the SMS method of loggin-in is handy to have if your PC YM is not handily accessible or if you’re using an unregistered mobile number.

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