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When does one become "too old" for things?

Asked by Trillian (21106points) March 24th, 2010

Ok, I have 1200 watts driving two 12” woofers and another 600 driving four mids in my car. I really like my sound system and I enjoy music of all types, but especially heavy bass and drums. I have CD’s that I downloaded from itunes and mixed myself specifically for this quality and I like to play them really loud. Loud enough that I can feel it in my chest.
My mother has accused me of acting like a child because of this. She tells me I need to grow up and act my age. I honestly don’t know that I’ll ever not enjoy music loud and rough.
I turn it down when I come into my neighborhood so the neighbors don’t have to hear it but on the road I crank it. So, how old do you have to be? Is there a point when you are too old to listen to it loud and get off on it? Do I need to snap out of it and take up church socials?

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I’ll let you know when it happens.;)

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@Trillian Like your mom said it is about time you started acting 18! Quit the goofing off and wear a tie once in a while! Grow up!

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You’re too old to do something when you realize that you’re prioritizing sleep over it, your mother notwithstanding.

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When I became about 45 or so, I began to need torquing out less and less. At almost 67, I still listen to all genres of music, but not so much of the hard rock/metal as I use to. I stay high on life and don’t seem to need being wound up as much as when I was younger. : ))

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No, you’re never too old to Jam!! I do not see anything wrong with what you’re doing !
I have an aunt she’s 45 years old and she definitely needs to grow up,she’s a heavy metal groupie and loves to party with the bad boy!!! Now that’s pitiful !

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I got to a certain point in the aging process where I really was afraid that I would have to jettison huge junks of my personality, just because I was “aging” out of them, then I got to a point where I just said fuck it. I am who I am. But, still, I do make judgments and adjustments to my behavior because I might be considered “too old,” or because aging has matured me and I get things now that I didn’t get when I was younger, but I kind of do it on a case to case basis, depending on the circumstances and my mood, but I still crank my music up loud, just maybe not as often as I used to.

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It seems to me that before one gets too old for something, he or she starts to lose interest in it.

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I seriously hope you live to be 98 and you are spinning around your neighborhood in an electric scooter with flaming jet boosters on the back and a subwoofer vibrating seat , blasting AC/DC loud enough to blow out your hearing aides.

You only get a few spins around the sun on this miserable blue speck of dust in a vast vacuum of nothingness. Life is a blink in the grand scheme of things and it is gone. Don’t let anyone rob you of your joy.

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I tend to agree, although I also make allowance for sacrifice for the greater good. Then again, neither do I see death as only an ending, but also as a new beginning. : )

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I like more indie music now than I did “then”. My kids give me some good ideas sometimes. That doesn’t always have to be played loud, but I do believe that Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony needs to be cranked up, and damn the neighborhood—they all rattle my windows with their rap crap. Fair’s fair.

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OMG! I HATE that rap-crap!!!

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When I was in kindergarten I looked around at my classmates on the rug and realized that none of them were sucking their thumbs. I stopped then and there. Which means I started being “too old” for things as soon as society told me I was.

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”...she’s 45 years old and she definitely needs to grow up, she’s a heavy metal groupie and loves to party with the bad boy!!! Now that’s pitiful !”

@Pretty_Lilly – Hey! I resemble that remark. Except for the fact that I’m 53 and male and although my hearing isn’t what it was when I began playing metal some thirty-odd years ago, my fret-speed is as good as anyone’s and I can and will crank it with the best of them. Why should I even bother keeping all of these Marshall amps around if I’m not gonna use ‘em?

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@lucillelucillelucille Roger that
@Cruiser damnit….
@bobloblaw Huh?
@Pretty_Lilly For the record, I don’t party at all, or hang in bars or try to be a groupie. That is pretty sad.
@lillycoyote Haven’t gotten there yet.
@escapedone7 and @thriftymaid Thank you!
@CaptainHarley and @CyanoticWasp- I crank out the Mozart and Beastie Boys. No…sleep…til’ Brooklyn!

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I am maybe the only person in the world that doesn’t like loud music! It makes me cranky! But I say if you like it, do it. I don’t see it as age related.

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@escapedone7 I love your answer.

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@Trillian You decide when you’re too old to do something. Usually, that happens when you stop and realize that thing is less important than other things like sleep. Sleep is my favorite example. I noticed that I was too old to be out super late when I started to prioritize my sleep over staying out at the bar until 3AM.

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When you have kids.

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For most things, there is no such thing as ‘too old’, although you do have to take a mature attitude about it. So a 40-year-old can participate in an Easter egg hunt if she wants to, but if no one wants to get up early on Easter Sunday to hide eggs for her, and she throws a tantrum, well she’s just too old for that.

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I can so identify. I didn’t like loud music when I was young and still don’t.

But that’s most likely because I have always had super acute hearing. Really loud stuff just gave me a splitting headache.

But the upside is that I never ruined my hearing with far too many decibels as others have done.

But if someone else enjoys it, I just say Rock On!

The only limitations or allowances I make for age are physical. With my creaky knees wearing out there are different sports activities which I just can’t handle.

But I’m as immature (or young at heart) as ever.

If the Muppet Show were still on the air nowadays, I’d be a loyal watcher of every episode!


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Acting your age does not need to mean that you abandon ship from the things you’ve found that you enjoy during adolescence. As you grow older you will acquire more responsabilities. As long as you are taking care of those you are golden and nobody has the right to tell you that you are acting childish unless you are endangering yourself and or others. Your parents grew up in another generation. Understand that she most likely has only your best intrest in mind.

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Never too old to have a happy childhood!

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A very ambitious and talented person willing to live every moment one step over the edge can use up his life and be too old for anything good by his twenty-fifth birthday.

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I am with you 100%, I had the most fantastic sound system in my car, until they broke in and stole it. I love dance, trance, budha bar, bit of light rock and nothing better than a good sound system.

We have one life, and I am not here to justify myself, nor my actions to anyone. I have raised a kid, taken care of elderly parents for ten years, worked my whole life, earned my own income, fix my own taps, paint my own home, I also manage at times up to 30 people at a time at work. If any one tells me to grow up, they better watch out for the “sucker” arrow I am about to ping onto their backs. (she says with her “red Indian” feather billowing in the wind).

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You become too old for things when you decide as much. Until then, enjoy.

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Audiophiles are very mature.

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@ratboy if you call listening to music a step over the edge, you gotta live my friend.

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@Just_Justine, thanks, but I’m too old for that.

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when you think you’re getting too old for things.

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Being a music junkie myself, I don’t see myself ever too old to listen to my music loudly.
But damn, you have a serious sound system going on. I used to have one until my car was stolen….damn, I wanted to cry then. But ever since then, I’ve been using the stock system. It’s loud enough I guess.

But yeah, never tool old.

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