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Why is my Avast! icon in the tray of one computer orange and in the tray of the other, green?

Asked by anartist (14779points) March 24th, 2010

The one with the orange ball has updates noted by a woman, and the one with the green ball have updates noted by a man.
Both computers run XP.

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One of my computers show an orange icon and my other computer shows a blue one. So, I was wondering the same thing.

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When i ran v4.x I had the blue ball. Now, with v5.x I have the orange ball. I think the version is the difference. Please tell me if I am wrong.

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@thriftymaid A BLUE one? What about your update announcer? Anything interesting there? M or F?
I’ve wondered if it was the flavour of XP. Is your blue one on an XP system?

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@anartist Both my XP machine and Vista machine had blue update announcers. Then one day the XP machine had orange. I updated both the AVS and Program tonight on the Vista machine, but it said it was all up to date and it’s still blue. The Blue on the Vista machine is V4.8.

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what you’re OS use?if use xp try to update all machine and database

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