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Can I get cancer in my legs from my laptop?

Asked by JLeslie (56636points) March 24th, 2010

I have been on my computer way too much for the last few months. My lap, meaning my legs, actually hurt where my laptop sits. Just wondering if anyone ever heard anything related to the topic. Much like cell phones and power lines causing cancer. Suspected in causing cancer.


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I really doubt it, it is probably because your legs aren’t used to the wieght that the laptop has been puting on them. I can’t think of any possible way to get cancer from your laptop, actually. Just try using your laptop on a desk, and I bet it will go away. If it doesn’t you may have pulled a nerve or something. IDK.

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Your cell phone is more likely to cause cancer but they do get hot.

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I always have my laptop on a cushion. I feel as though cancer viruses are just floating around like dandelion seeds to settle where they like.

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@XOIIO I’m not overly concerned about the pain. I have muscel trouble, so it probably is from the weight as you guessed. But, it made me think of the possibility. I figure a computer must emit EMF’s?

@Captain_Fantasy Why?

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If at all, I have heard of peoples’ legs getting burned from the heat of laptops laid on bare skin.

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No. @bobloblaw. I know you got there first, but sometimes, no is just the right answer, the only answer.

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I don’t think there is a high risk of getting cancer in your legs because of laptop use, and I don’t think that your leg pain is a sign that you have cancer there.

I have heard concerns that sitting with the laptop on your lap is bad for men, but I’m not sure of the exact effects, if there are any.

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@iphigeneia warming up the testicles, reducing fertile sperm.

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I kinda want to know what cancer pains in my legs feel like

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Like with cell phones, I think no one really knows yet. All they can tell us is that there is no evidence at this time that any of these machines will hurt us, but that doesn’t mean they can’t—it just means we don’t have the evidence yet one way or the other.

Shortly after xrays were developed, they began x-raying women at nine months—like they do today with ultra-sounds. Twenty years later, the girl babies in those x-rays developed cancer—but it took that much time to figure out that the x-rays were a problem.

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@JLeslie The EMF from a computer would definitly not interfere with you. From a number of things I have taken apart, anything that could produce an EMF has some sort of metal cage around it, and I have seen this very often in computers, so that is what I assume. Also, the the only reasonable way the EMF could harm you or affect you is it it got to your brain, interfering with it’s EMF, which has never happened in history so far. Like I said, try using it on a desk. Consodering you have muscle problems, the heat and weight are the most likely reasons.

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The heat/pressure could be putting stress on your superficial venous system. Try walking around and elevating your feet to see if that helps with circulation and doesn’t make the pain stop. If you experience severe pain you should definitely see a doctor. I’m not a doctor, but I work for one that specializes in treating varicose veins and he typically recommends mild-moderate exercise and the elevation of the legs at night as a form of conservative therapy (among other things).

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Don’t think so… in the meantime I highly recommend one of these. I bought mine through amazon years ago and it’s held up quite nicely.

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They have deduced the possible reason for the cell phone incidents of brain cancer are most likely related to the microwave frequency emmissions from the phone.

I don’t believe that laptops have that type of frequency since they are not communicating with cell towers the way phones do.

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No. And you can’t get aids from a toilet seat.

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@JLeslie: The answer is almost certainly yes. However, it is very unlikely. The reason doesn’t have to do with radiation but heat. Heating cells increases the risk that those cells will develop cancer.

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I also heard too much laptop on lap is bad for your erh.. womb. You know.. Uteris? In Utero? Where baby’s come from =P Excuse my occasional bad english I’m not 100% awake yet atm.

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Just to clarify again, I don’t think my pain is cancer. I think the area is sore from the weight of the computer, I have some muscle problems. It just made me think of the idea.

I do kind of believe that power lines and cell phones probably do cause cancer in some people, so I would guess there is a chance. When I bought a house near power lines (not very close probably about a city block and a half away) I read up, and remember that the thing about the EMF’s that are radiated that the energy, not sure that is the right term, the amount of it drops off exponentially every few feet or something. But, the laptop is right on my lap. Desktops, even if they emit the same stuff, are at a distance, and probably if there is anything bad about it, the “rays” don’t make it to you.

Anyway, thanks everyone.

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No. It’s a million times more dangerous not to eat fruit and vegetables or remain inactive for decades.

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@mattbrowne: People have a big problem grasping the fact that something can cause death but that is meaningless without knowing the frequency with which it causes death. It bothers me that people spend time worrying about power-lines while eating a twinkie when heart-disease is the #1 cause of death in America and EM from power-lines (likely) kill less people than coconuts.

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@malevolentbutticklish I bought the house once I read up on the facts that are out there. I am not an idiot. I do plan on becoming a heart disease statistic, so not to worry, I have my head on straight. It can’t hurt to be prudent. Just because someone has one bad behavior related to health does not mean they have to do 20 bad things. Everything counts.

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Well, investigating small risks makes sense as well.

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I am glad you ask that question, lately my legs are in so much pain after I use my laptop that it starts as soon as I sit it anywhere on my body. I have a HP Pavillon. I actually have to take a pain pill, because of the amount of pain I am in and I work out. Plus I am starting to get pain in my ovaries it feels like. I think their is something to these laptops, but I thought I was trippin. Go to the doctor and get checked out I am going now that I seen people asking the same question. I say when in doubt rule it out! Damn whatever one else is saying.

Please be safe!

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OMG!!! I thought it was just me! I have an HP Pavilion also. I began to notice that I would have leg pain in both legs whenever I used my laptop on my lap. It got to the point that I had to get up slowly because my joints began to ache and stiffen. I only have the pain whenever I have been using my laptop on my lap. But it’s not a normal pain, kind of like a tingly/burning/achy/numb like type feeling….can’t really describe it….just a weird type sensation. Some days I can’t really describe it as a pain…..but since I have been more mindful of it lately, i sit the computer on a table or desk. But even if I place a pillow between the laptop and my lap… still causes this crazy pain/sensation…..whatever it is….but I can say that it is an uncomfortable feeling and even if I place the laptop on my lap briefly (a few minutes)....the sensation comes and it stays for a long period of time (sometimes all day).

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