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Why so often do white funerals use black hearses and limos, while black funerals use white hearses and limos?

Asked by anartist (14779points) March 24th, 2010

This is just an observation after living many years in Washington DC and going to my share of funerals.

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Because people like contrast.

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I’ve never seen a white limo funeral and I’ve only been to funerals for black people

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@hug_of_war Maybe it is a DC thing—thanks for perspective

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Because the people (in black) are mourning, while the car is white b/c it’s carrying the deceased to a better place.


Because the people are wearing white in celebration that the deceased is going somewhere better, and the deceased is in a black limo b/c they are dead.

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What is a white funeral and what is a black funeral?

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I agree with mrrich724.

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I’ve never seen the dichotomy that you’re talking about. But being down in New Orleans, I can tell you that the black culture down here lends itself to a more festive celebration of death – e.g. jazz funerals and such. I don’t think that it necessarily has anything to do with race…but different people have different ways of treating a death.

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So that you don’t confuse the participants with the hearses.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than opening somebody’s jacket, sitting in their lap, twisting their nose to start their engine, and then trying to steer them by pulling on their ears. ;-o

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@davidbetterman good question. I mean when the deceased and the deceased’s family are White or when they are Black [or consider themselves so]—the funerals of people and families who are or consider themselves multi-racial would just confuse the issue.

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I can honestly say I’ve never seen a white hearse in my entire life….. I’ve seen white Limo’s, but they’ve always been crammed to bursting with nauseating, brash chavettes on a piss-up.

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I’m pink and expect a funeral cortege of lime green Hyundais.

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Why did my Indian friend, Ilina Singh, wear a red wedding dress?

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And yellow is color of mourning in China. It is all very culturally specific it seems

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