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Would you discuss your sex life with people, in real life?

Asked by Sophief (6676points) March 25th, 2010

I talk about sex a lot here, because I do it a lot, and I like it. I would not though, mention it to real life people, not in the way I do it here. I wouldn’t want them to know what my man was like, or the size of his penis.

Would you discuss it with even your closest friends?

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I don’t usually, no..

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There are lots of ways of discussing sex with friends without mentioning the size of someone’s penis (a piece of info that I have found irrelevant during the sexually active time of my life). My two best buddies and I talk about it. One is a woman and the other a gay man.

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Sex is slowly losing it’s luster. ;-)

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No. I think its tacky and classless.

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Hahaha… guys do it all the time as you can imagine. My buddy doesn’t spare me any details. But he’s just trying to show off.

I prefer to respect the sanctity of the bedroom. I may voice dissatisfaction, but I would never give away a girls secret techniques. ;)

I can also just be a big prude…

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Sure, why not?

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I see no reason to. That’s private stuff.

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Sure I do, how else can I compare notes and know if I am up to date?

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p.s. I feel more comfortable talking about it in real life than here

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Depends on who I am talking to mostly and to what extent.

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I would with very close friends after a glass of wine. But I have never been very good at romantic relationships or sex. So I don’t have much to discuss. I enjoy opening up about things like that, but I have nothing to brag about.

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There are many of us that enjoy sex and do it a lot, we just don’t feel the need to talk about it constantly.

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I’m extremely shy and very inhibited. I would blush too much.

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I don’t discuss it on here; I’d be more likely to discuss it with a close friend. I don’t believe in putting my business on the street.

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Yes, with a select group of people, though it’s not a central topic. Beyond them, for the most part, I get the sense people don’t really want to hear about it for a large variety of reasons and frankly I’m just not that interested in what other people do in bed or on the floor, against the wall, in the swing, etc.

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I’m with @wonderingwhy; All the info is now available everywhere; the good, the bad, the ugly. The Kama Sutra (written in Hindi in the 8th century BC, it is believed) and Indian cave drawings went into the details hundreds of years ago.

There are only so many ways of sticking tab A into slot B, C, or D.

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@jonsblond I don’t think you understood the question. I said I don’t talk about it outside of Fluther.

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I am way more open about it on here than I have been with anyone in person.

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@Dibley I understood. I forgot to add that I only talk to my husband IRL about our sex life.

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@jonsblond Think that is sensible. I wouldn’t trust other women.

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@Dibley Really? I would trust any of my close women friends over random people on Fluther any day!

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@Dibley What does trusting other women have to do with it? I’m not insecure. I have no need to talk to anybody else but my husband about our sex life.

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Not for the most part. That’s my personal, private business and it’s really no one’s concern but me and my lover’s.

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@janbb People on Fluther can’t try to sleep with your s/o though.

@jonsblond I just wouldn’t trust others, women are devious, I wouldn’t want them knowing details of our relationship in anyway.

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Oh my, @Dibley, you have some real issues about friends and trust, don’t you?

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@Dibley If you trust your S/O, there is nothing to worry about.

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@janbb Yes I do.

@jonsblond I do, but I still wouldn’t want anyone trying anything.

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Even this turns into gender stereotyping. Oh my fucking gawd. My fault for coming here. I should have known better.

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What have I done now that bothers you? He isn’t gay, so I can’t say I can’t trust men around him!

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@janbb me too, much more, I know they know me, don’t judge me and have my best interests at heart.

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Sure, I talk about my sex life with some friends, just as they talk about their sex lives with me. Why not? My boyfriend’s cool with it and I don’t talk about the stuff he wouldn’t anyone to know about. I only think it’s stupid to talk about it if you don’t know your audience.

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@Dibley you have met women that try and sleep with your S/O? I am dumbfounded. Or is it a fear you have? If you have met women like that they are rare. Plus they are not your friends. All girls needs good girlfriends. Women are wonderful creatures, when you have waded through the dense underground world of female competition. I have received nothing but love, support care and loyalty from my female friends. If they made the grade of “friend”. In fact I am so supported by my female friends I can do without a S/O. If it is a fear you have, perhaps you need to trust your S/O?

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@Just_Justine No I haven’t, thankfully. I haven’t lived in this town long, and so I have no friends here. I’m good with that though. I hate making friends and socialising. I have the odd friend from I used to live but they have never met my s/o.

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@Dibley Don’t let this “fear” of other females becoming predator to your man, stop what you really are missing out on. Women can make wonderfully nurturing caring friends. Also a shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to, a deep intimate friendship with a trusted women is something very special. You can of course also have fun, great laughs and get to do silly girl things that we like to do. Women do respect couples and their love you know. I know some don’t but I can sniff them a mile away.

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@Just_Justine Thanks @Just_Justine, I like you. But I’ve never been a really girly girl, even as a youngster. I like the simple things in life.

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I can talk about sex IRL – people know they can tell me anything and won’t be judged and people are aware that I have a good sex life and can give advice. However, my conversations usually circle around more important and more serious topics.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir That is so good that people can talk to you. You must be a nice person.

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I would in a general sort of way…. certainly wouldn’t say anything specific, & definitely nothing about my partner.

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I have no qualms about discussing sex with people either here or in “real life”. Obviously there is some information that I keep between me and my boyfriend but certain things I have no worries discussing (depending on who I’m talking to obviously). If someone asks me a question about my sex life and I don’t want to answer then I can always tell them to mind their own but there is no harm in asking for the most part.

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I would never bring it up. But if somebody asked me, I’d tell them.

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I see my best friend every six weeks or so, and we joke around and since she’s single..she tells me stories. Of course some things are always private, but I do sometimes talk about sex with friends…not so much since I’ve been married. I’m an ‘ol lady now. lol

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Not unless we were both okay with discussing it. That said, I have discussed it with my best friend Alicia. She doesn’t know all the intimate details, but I’ve told her about it generally and everything and I don’t mind discussing it with her. I probably wouldn’t tell anyone else, though.

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Anonymously, yes; otherwise, not really – I’ve basically been asked not to by my partner.

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The wife and I have a very close group of friends with nothing taboo, We have measured the guys love sticks and measured the ladies during an evening of wine and snacksto the point where it involves clothing removal by dares!

It’s a good way to learn and share what pleases you, makes you happy and makes you randiest

On this site I am even more open with my answers and frequently have the wife looking over my shoulder!

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Only to people who I know won’t judge me.

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Nope. It’s nobody’s business but ours.
We have 2 kids. When the subject comes up with friends we say “We did it twice and liked it both times. We might even do it again some time.” End of story.

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My friends and I talk about certain things, but they aren’t into the kinds of things that I am into, like bondage. I actually talk about sex and bondage more with people who work at adult stores, than I do with my friends.

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@Violet ; You would not be able to talk around me because it is likely you have been tackled at the door, ball gagged, blindfolded and hogtied and squirming in the middle of the living room floor wondering what the clicking noises are while I think what to do next!

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@Violet ; ohhhhhhh baby, light some candles! want more than just an Eye, perhaps a boob or leg or sholder?

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@phil196662 ah ha ha ha!!! We’ll see…

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