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How often do you stink? How much does it concern you?

Asked by kevbo (25672points) March 7th, 2008 from iPhone

Right now, I stink. Probably because I’m wearing a couple day old pair of jeans. I’m a little bothered, but I’m on my own tonight, so not as motivated to fix the situation. What kind of stinker are you?

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I don’t like to stink at all. Even drunk and smelling like a smokey bar I still shower before bed.

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i dont usually stink, i actually usually get compliments on how good i smell haha [;
that’s pretty nice considering i only shower about once a week.

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I try to stink at least four times per day! I believe it actually cleanses the soul. People’s pheromones proudly permiate plush pillows!

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I’m ocd about it.
I actually shower 4 times a day… I’m naturally quite the sweater.
I don’t really stink that often… Various antiperspirants make sure of that.
I just hate the summer. Can’t stop sweating!
Stupid desert.

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dirty people are healthier than germaphobes. they have a stronger immune system. being dirty is a vaccination in a way.

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Aroma, like beauty, is in the nose (or eye) of the beholder.
Self assessments aren’t wholly dependable.
Ever get in an elevator feeling like you’ve just dove into a bottle of perfume? Quantity matters to some.
I don’t agree with “buster”, though I do believe we have become a bit too the belief that everything must be anti-bacterial.

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Ahahaha. Kevbo, I suddenly lurve you more.

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How about never.

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