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What are some things that may be different about yourself if you grew up somewhere else?

Asked by J0E (13121points) March 25th, 2010

This was sparked by a question about marijuana and it’s legalization in different states. I would think it much more likely for it to be legalized in California rather than Michigan. It got me thinking about how different the culture is from state to state. I’m 21 years old (Michigan) and have never even been offered marijuana, but I would imagine if I grew up in California instead I would have probably done it a few times by now.

What are some other things that you think are different from state to state? Things that may be different if you grew up somewhere else?

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I grew up in Arkansas and didn’t learn what weed was until I was about 16. When I moved to California, my younger brother went to high school out here. Everyday he’d tell me about drug sniffing dogs that had to come and check out the kids. It just blew my mind ‘cause I never had to deal with that when I was a kid.

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It’s a population, urban-to-suburban-to-country thing, not per-state thing.

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Another thing was that in Arkansas, they don’t sell liquor on Sundays, and they only sell them in liquor stores. I moved out to California and I was blown away that they sell alcohol in grocery stores at all hours of the night.

Just shows you how conservative one state is over the other.

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Where I grew up in Michigan, in the 70s, it was easier for kids to buy pot than booze.

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The question has been edited.


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@Grisaille You’re right, question edited.

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How you pronounce the state’s name is one thing that I’ve noticed with a couple states. Example include: Illinois (some people pronounce the ‘s’, some don’t) and Missouri (some say ‘Missourah’, some say “Missouree’).

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@J0E You’ve never been offered marijuana because of the area you’re from. Go outside that area and it shouldn’t be terribly hard to find the stuff.

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@OperativeQ The question has been edited, and it’s not just about marijuana.

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@J0E I’m just saying. Also the edit came after I answered.

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No pot in Detroit? LOL…Yeah, right…...

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@davidbetterman I don’t live in Detroit…..

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I’m from California and I haven’t done weed, but most of my friends have and I probably wouldn’t care if it were legalized.

A big thing about me that might be different is I might have repressed my sexuality a lot more if I had grown up in a more conservative area. I might have thought I needed to “become straight” or some shit like that. You don’t know how many LGBT kids I’ve met online who are tortured by stuff like this. Instead I’m surrounded by people who oppose prop 8 and think saying “that’s so gay” is stupid. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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No matter where I grew up I still would have been raised by parents who were raised in The Bronx, and so I think this has a big influence. They were liberal (I mean open-minded) Didn’t drink, except on very rare occasions, had a strong work ethic, and cared about others. Even if I grew up in a very prejudiced part of American, I don’t think I would have adopted those views. There were opportunities for drugs and alcohol all around me, but I never partook (is that a word).

If I had been raised in MI like @J0E I would have been saying pop for soda before the age of 18 when I finally moved there for school, and maybe would have eaten more pepperoni pizza since they seem fascinated with it there. LOL.

I guess I see some differences in leisure time. My friends and I never went to the shooting range for fun, we didn’t fish (well I did once when I was in camp) some of that seems to vary by what part of the states you live in. We went to camp in the summer, but I think that is a Jewish thing also. Not that non-jews don’t go to camp, of course they do, but I think it is more of a regular thing in my culture.

Similar to what @DominicX said, maybe if I had been in a town or city that had very different views than what I was raised with, I might have felt I needed to keep them to myself more. I might have been more stifled.

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I’d be a lot tanner if I had grown up somewhere other than Seattle.

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I imagine my life would have been a lot different had I grown up within walking distance of the nearest sign of human civilization.

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I would have never thought tump was a word. That is a (non)word created in a steel factory that is a combination of tip and dump. I grew up in a steel mill neighborhood.

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Idk good question.

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Well if I was raised by my mom I’d have grown up in the hood, but she changed her mind after a long fight and knew she wasn’t able to do the job, and after I turned five I lived in a very small peaceful town, it wasn’t until I left that I learned all I’d been taught about pot was a lie. But when I moved back I did a lot of coke with my same childhood friends from the boonies.

My mom grew up in the shit and became a crackhead, and I would have very likely followed suit, never bothered with school, and I’d probably be avoiding honest work.

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