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why does it seem like the same people respond to every fluther question?

Asked by toolaura4ya (275points) March 7th, 2008 from iPhone

I’ve noticed some of you complaining about ignorant questions being asked and trying to come up with methods to weed them out. I can’t help but notice when I get onto fluther and click on certain questions to obviously read over community input and to possibly input myself, it seems as though several fluther junkies tend to answer every question. Now you want to root out idiotic questions but what about getting input on topics from more than just the regulars?

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well for some reason I have nothing better to do on a Friday night at 12am and I’m also a fluther junkie if you have a problem with that maybe you should choose a different site that asks for peoples opinion as for me I like giving my opinions and experiences!

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Sharing of opinions are fine but not everyone can be a professional on every subject! I wouldn’t even care as much if I saw more variety as far as people answering!

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i don’t think it’s bad thing the “regulars” answer questions. that’s just more opinions going around. also, they’ve been here a while and know how to give better answers.
how can you blame them/us for wanting to “root out idiotic questions” and relate it to our input? that’s completely different. we have no control over WHO answers. if i were you i’d be complaining about how more people don’t answer, not the people who actually take their time to form a good response.

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I just find it odd that the same people have answered every question as I go down the list. I tend to limit my responses based on my knowledge and experience with the situation.

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of course I’m not an expert on all subjects but if people were looking for that that wouldn’t ask fluther they want to hear what we have to say and if some are more opinionated than others then so be it I like all the regulars and their opinions I think they’re great people for answering as much as they do. So don’t complain just soak in all the various info they have to give.

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Ok Anna I will try. This question was not meant to offend but it would also be nice to get some different input once in a while.

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well I’m bored out of my mind tonight and have nothing better to do

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and to be exact, you aren’t one of the ones I’ve seen in reference to the majority of answers; at least not recently.

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well I know I have tonight. I read a lot and I have lots of different info some usless and I can normally answer every question I just feel that I can use some of my pointless info( to me) and help others when they ask almost any question. No offense taken by the way

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annaott22 your info shares the same quality as this question.

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<.< shhhhh

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oh my god ! I just wrote my response and it didnt save,,.... I’m mad. I just said that, basically I am new to fluther and have also noticed that a lot of the same people answer questions and answer them with some sort of sarcasm, with a hint of criticism, so your not the only one that thinks that, toolaura4ya

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well i like to share my knowledge as much as i can and help people, thats why you would see me in all the tech posts mostly and i work at a computer store, one of my firefox tabs is fluther and i have it set to reload ever 2 mins, so im basically here all day unless im busy

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A lot of these questions can be answered with a few seconds of research or they are asking for an opinion.

I have asked 32 questions and answered 491 492. And I usually try to keep my answers relevant to the questions asked. I avoid typing up an answer because I am bored.

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I mostly enjoy opportunities to be snarky. Sometimes I really like to help. ;)

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@TheHaight- I can’t find it anywhere, but there used to be FAQ/Terms of Use language stating that snark/productive snark was acceptable, so that’s a good chunk of why s(c )arcasm and criticism are prevalent. Language and sentiment are quite tame, though, compared to six months ago.

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3 weeks ago 5938 had been asked to that day and growing.
I participate in questions that appeal to me 262 to this point. I add my share of snark. I hope you too will participate in questions that appeal to you.

You’ll find that all of us have our own quirks good and bad, and what makes this site great is the added interaction of real people and all the moods that go with it.

As far as I know no one has responded to all 5938 questions and I imagine no one will even come close to responding to even half. We hope you choose to stay and participate.

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Because I need to get a life!

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“Why does it seem the same people respond to every flutter question?”

Because we refresh alot; this IS a question & answer site; and the questions have not varied much in expertise range. They have mostly been opinion-based.

“the rest.”
If you see input from the regulars, do not hesitate to add your input. That is the purpose. Just because regulars have said something does not in any way exclude your expertise.

I look forward to your responses!

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Okay…Help me out here…“snark, snarky” ....?

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I try to answer questions where I can help the person answering it. Not sure if I’m one of the people you are talking about.
@delirium. I really enjoy your answers.

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Squirbel, now that you’ve answered, I can’t answer this. ;)

and @cake: Eep. Now i’m getting all self conscious!

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I’m as new as you! Whatcha talking about?:P

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Ahaha, a day older! And considering how long i’ve been here all together, a day is a huge amount. ;)

plus, you’re a tiger. Tigers are scary!

And B: Snark is like… being ‘sharply critical, cutting’ but in my book its also being a little playful at the same time.

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I’m a tigger! (yes, just this once Calvin and pooh collided…it’s called social networking)

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Hahaha, now that wonderful damn song is stuck in my head!

theeeir tooops are made out of ruuuuubber, their bottoooms are made out of spriiiiings.

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In any online community, about 10% of the people actively participate.

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