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What should be done about that monkey that is loose in Tampa, FL?

Asked by stump (3835points) March 25th, 2010

There is a monkey that has been evading the authorities for some time in Tampa, Florida. He has developed quite a following. He is like a little Robin Hood. Personally, I hope they never catch him. Is it safe to just let him run wild?

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No, it is not safe to just let him run around. He is presumably very scared and may pose a threat to whomever he encounters. Primates, and macaques especially, are very gregarious and social creatures. They need to be around others of the same species, or they can break down psychologically. Macaques are also known to carry the Herpes B simplex, which can be fatal to humans. This is not cool, this is not funny, and this poor primate needs to be caught soon and placed in a sanctuary with other macaques.

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I think that we should let the authorities in the area worry about the monkey. i hardly think he is a matter for national attention.

I for one am going to waste no time thinking about him.

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I’ve seen the monkeys from the Tarzan movies referenced in the story jump into a boat and snatch food out of people’s hands. They can be downright dangerous. This monkey should be caught and a home found for him in a zoo. The worst case scenario is that another one of the opposite sex gets loose to, a colony of macaques in Tampa would not be a good idea. But what really needs to happen is the idiot who thought having a pet macaque was a good idea should be found, arrested, and pay a substantial fine, at least enough to cover the cost of finding and apprehending the monkey and finding him a safe home in a zoo. Maybe some jail time is in order too.

Then we should pass a law preventing the importation of all exotic “pets”.

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Hollywood will have to make a movie out of it. It’s inevitable.

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This is the kind of thing that happens when people think primates are pets.

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Florida is inundated with released and escaped exotic pets – much of the local wildlife is greatly imperiled. It’s never a good idea for a non-native species to run loose.

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I guess he would be happier (and safer) with other Macaques. But his evasion of authorities sparks a defiant, populist emotional upwelling in me that makes me root for his continued freedom. And apparently a lot of people feel the same enthusiasm.

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@stump Apparently a lot of people are projecting and romanticizing a potentially dangerous situation. This is not a person with a cause against injustice, this is a wild primate who should never have been taken out of its natural habitat to begin with.
Florida is looking at losing its balance in the wetlands because of these escaped wild pets. There are for too many pythons now loose in the everglades to capture and they are eating everything including alligators. They have disrupted the balance of the ecosystem and are more successful predators than indigenous species. There are monitor lizards out there now, as well as giant rats and numerous other “exotics” that people have either turned loose or have escaped and then bred.
This is the tip of a huge iceberg of a problem.

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It is totally ignorant to think that this macaque is having a great time. He is not defiant and he has no great message to send to the public. He’s a freaking escaped, psychologically damaged mammal that needs to be brought to a safe place. @stump – you say that a lot of people feel the same enthusiasm – I’m sure that is true, but a foolish thing believed by a billion people is still a foolish thing.

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I believe he should be outsmarted and captured so he’s not a threat to children walking down the street carrying a banana. He’s telling folks that he needs his natural habitat not a zoo. If people don’t listen,he will keep making a monkey out of them.

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Nothing.I’m sure my mother in law will turn herslf in when she’s good and ready!

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@everyone Okay, I am totally wrong. You are all right. It is a dangerous situation for the monkey and the residence of Tampa. but he is still my hero

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Monkeys are really dangerous! I’m not sure if anyone saw the woman on Opera with no face. They are surprisingly very strong. If you don’t think so, check this out.

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@lucillelucillelucille Oops, she is my hero!

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The monkey will not survive in a metropolitan city. If you care for the monkey at all, you’d want it to be captured.

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@Captain_Fantasy Not to be contrarian, but actually monkeys can survive in the city. I’m sure Tampa isn’t the best place for the thing, but they’re really resourceful buggers.

There’s a good chance this is the type of monkey they’re dealing with:

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I get the rational safety stuff. I love animals generally and don’t want to see anything bad happen to this one. But am I really the only one on Fluther that feels the desire to say, “Way to go, Monkey. Stick it to the Man!”?

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@stump I grew up in central Florida, I’ve seen wild monkeys there, I’ve seen parrots, I’ve seen poisonous toads, and I’ve heard about far more, so I just don’t go that direction, though I can see how you could. Mainly I think of the moron who thought importing the monkey was a good idea in the first place. Now if this was a cow escaped from the railyards I’d be right there with you.

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@Snarp Thanks for understanding :) I read that there is a troup of wild macaques somewhere in Florida. So she may have been seperated from her troup somehow, and be trying to get home.

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@stump It’s a pretty good hike from the Rhesus colony to where this monkey is, so I’m inclined to think it’s a released pet.

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@stump I’ve been following the Tampa Bay monkey’s escapades for a while now. At first I was saying ‘way to go monkey’, but after thinking it through,I now believe this monkey is saying he simply wants to be free.

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Hmm, @YoH‘s link says “some” people think the monkey is from the Ocala troop. Not sure those people know anything about whether rhesus macaques are likely to travel 118 miles alone, but who knows.

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They still haven’t caught the frakking monkey?

Yeah, the little girl is sooo sad her pet’s missing. Maybe Mommy should have bought her something a little easier to keep in the house – like a goldfish.

With all the pythons, poisonous frogs, alligators, stray dogs, and now rhesus monkeys – I’m afraid to let my kid play in the backyard. Take care of your goddamned animals or don’t buy any.

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Red Deer had a pig lose for months, glimpses were seen. He was caught when it got really cold, I think he gave himself up. I don’t know much about Florida except I loved Orlando and Nasa. is ther food for a monkey in the Everglades?

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He’s way north of the ‘glades. He’s more likely to be fed by the owner of a local farmer’s market.

And we have pigs loose all the time – wild boar season is open all year long around here.

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Wild boars in your cities? I’d be scared to take a walk. I’ve heard they’re tasty, though.

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omg i once read the most unintentionally hilarious article about a loose wild boar busting down a door in someones house.

anyhow i think this is also funny. my grandpa lives in palm harbor, i should jet down there post haste and capture the furry little man then travel to madagascar with him to release him to his family and also get a nice vacation on the way. perfect, done.

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