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Fluther just said I'm it's favorite. How does that make you feel?

Asked by fyoz (268points) March 25th, 2010

“Don’t tell anyone—you’re our favorite.”

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Man, what a flirt! Now it’s asking if I’ve changed shampoos!

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Now it wants to run away with me!


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Fluther said that I have a nice smile.

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Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Come to think of it, the Jellies here make me feel that way too. =)

And Fluther said I’m the cream in its coffee. Nice.

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Now I look “dapper”. Wtf is dapper??

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It kept a warm seat for me.

I do the same thing to my little brother, by farting in it.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

shrugs fluther can have you.

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Appropriately, I have that certain “je ne sais quois.”

Dapper: neat and trim in dress, bearing or appearance. Maurice Chevalier was dapper.

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he’s just told me it was lonely without me.

I have secretly loved Fluther all along, but kept it to myself. He (I am using He but who knows)? tells me I dress beautifully, says I have pizazz, thinks I am fabulous and beautiful. I have so enjoyed this love.

Until I realized he was a two timing bastard!!!!!

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Fluther said they baked me a cake . . . where the hell is it??? I want my cake now!

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Where’s our cake Fluther?!

fyoz's avatar

I’m just the one they were waiting for?!

Fluther comes across kinda needy…. lol

erichw1504's avatar

“Does my mother know I’m here?” I’m 24 and live on my own! Why would I care if she knew if I was here or not? Is this a bad place to be or something? I always thought Fluther was a nice place to stay!

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@erichw1504 maybe fluther has a point??

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I must’ve offended Fluther…. he was saving me a seat and baking me a cake, now suddenly he’s just “pleased to meet my acquaintance”


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Now it’s favorite is MEEEE!!!

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@fyoz sounds like he is backing off definitely. He’s just said “here comes your boss, look busy?” maybe he is going to give me a good spanking?

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Yeah, well, Fluther is falling in love with me. So there.

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I don’t feel too bad about that, because Fluther just asked me to run away with them. So take that!! I think it’s sad that right now I would actually consider it

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@Just_Justine He’s such a freakin’ player. I should ask the collective what to do about him….

“Guys?! I MEt this great guy, Fluther, but… he PlaYS hot and COld, says he sAVEs a seat for Me, but then goes and BakEZ cakeZ for every0ne elze… whAT ShOUlD I dO?!lolzwhahahwtfbbwwtf”

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Tag, you’re it.A game of tag online, that could be over either very quickly or last forever.

wonderingwhy's avatar

Apparently I’m glowing, so I guess I’m good with it >.>

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well he liked my last comment as he tipped his hat? was it on his head though?

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Doesn’t bother me.
Fluther dreamt about me last night.

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@Sarcasm Would we want to know what the dream was about?!

erichw1504's avatar

Well, Fluther just drank my milkshake. So… hah!...

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@erichw1504….. I’d be crying if it drank my milkshake… :(

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I’m now the cream in Fluther’s coffee…. eewwwwwww


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You had us at hello.What the fuck!!

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I’m going to have Fluther’s children.

ubersiren's avatar

Fluther is a fickle mistress…

Just_Justine's avatar

I don’t care I am in love, I didn’t choose it but its there, sometimes love just chooses us.. sigh

<3 back at ya fluther darling

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@Vunessuh as long as you don’t blend them right!

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Fluther just baked ME a cake. Put that in your pipe and smoke it ;)

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@Just_Justine What!? Why not? They taste great with Doritos.

Just_Justine's avatar

@Vunessuh they’d be all fluthy? er fluffy

Vunessuh's avatar

@Just_Justine They make a great dip to lay out for parties.

Just_Justine's avatar

@Vunessuh nope – not falling for this I am not.. not not loll

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It made me feel like I “deserve a vacation.”

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If I wanted some money, I guess just asking Fluther would work, considering it’s my bestest friend now.

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I’m jealous! But it now it says..“We. Drink. Your. MILKSHAKE!” so HA HA! Betcha don’t have a milkshake for them to drink!! he he he

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Ben and Andrew still owe me guacamole. :l

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I’ll put in an emergency call to my therapist right away.

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I’ve been betrayed! ::goes to corner, weeps silently::

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I’m indifferent. I know that Fluther likes me best. They just told you that so you won’t whine.~

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Fluther is a notorious Lothario. He is a love-em and leave-him kind of jelly and can’t be trusted for a minute.

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What’s a Chupacabra? well I don’t look anything like one, is that good?

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That two timing whore!

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Sorry everyone, Fluther and I are engaged ((wiggles fingers showing off my huge engagement ring))

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@Just_Justine The good news is that the Mexicans won’t view you as edible :)

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@phillis why??? said in a hurt fashion

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@Violet so you did! dam my attention deficit disorder to hell

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@Just_Justine el chupacabra is their creation. They invented it to explain the exsanguination of the animals in the pastures. Everything scares the piss out of that culture. It basically means “devil goat”.

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