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I have broken something, however someone else has caused further damage are we both responsible?

Asked by supernova3 (6points) March 25th, 2010

I have broken my phone screen and I have taken it to Vodafone. At the repairs desk I said to the man how much would it cost to replace and DO NOT push on the screen. However he did, further damaging my phone and denied damaging it. Yet he did admit to assessing the damage by doing so. Also the manager also said that he is not an engineer but a sales assistant. So he is not even qualified to assess the damage. So what can I do, is the price of repair spread between the two of us?

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Well, legally it’s about what can be proven. If the repairs were necessary regardless of the further damage it’s all on you. If additional repairs are necessary because of what the person did (if they weren’t qualified they shouldn’t have been messing with it in the first place) then in my book you’re each responsible for what you did. Going to court with it though, is back to my first statement.

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The average phone sales associate isn’t an engineer and lots of times, isn’t really on the ball to start with if they’re anything like the phone salespeople I’ve talked to. Bring it up further with the manager. First of all the sales associate isn’t on the hook for this, the company is. Your involvement with the guy who allegedly broke your phone further is over.
There’s two things that will come of this:
The company will say it was damaged when you came in and you’re on your own.
The company will pay for the replacement.

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There was a time when the company would have replaced or repaired the phone as a matter of customer relations. But that was in the days of “The customer’s always right.” Nowadays, it’s “The customer’s always wrong unless he/she has the wherewithal to hire attorneys and prove otherwise.”

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Probably not. It was already broken. See if the repair was exacerbated by the salesman’s action.

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Well, it was already buggered, & I cant really see how he would have done anything that would have increased the cost of repair. So chances are it’ll be down to you.

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Both share 50/50 in the phone repair. the employee observed your phones damage and made the situation costlier, by doing something he was not qualifed to do. if you receive the run around here, go higher up in the company and file a complaint.

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