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Would you pee in a cup if your job asked you to?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11431points) March 25th, 2010

I’m not talking about the creepy guy in your mail room asking. Suppose your HR person tells everyone to. Do you comply?

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Of course… unless I have legal reasons not to…

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yup, then i would throw it in their face and walk out.

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Of course. When you begin a new job, don’t you sign some kind of form saying that you are okay with random drug testing?

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Yes, if it was understood when I was hired that it might be required one day. I would feel slighted if it was out of left field and nothing had ever been mentioned about it before or wasn’t signed off on/ talked about in the hiring process.

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I’ve done it whenever it was asked of me. However, one time when I was having a bad period it was just plain awkward.

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Yes, I guess if they’re that thirsty.

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I’d ask for a jug.

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I resent drug tests, mainly because I have to abstain from smoking pot in order to pass one. I find it kind of ironically sucky that the harder drugs spend far less time in your system than does m.j., so basically, I resent their caring about what I do in my free time. People are usually surprised to find that I smoke weed, because I’m bright, hard-working, and it doesn’t get in the way of my job performance. It’s just that I prefer to do that than drink alcohol.

So, yeah, I’d take it because making a big deal out of not taking it makes one look a bit of an ass, but I seriously doubt I would pass.

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Your workplace cannot just decide out of the blue to test you for drugs. You must be informed prior to hiring if your company plans on drug testing. Either that or you have to agree to new terms about your employment.

In a word, no. I would never work for a company that required drug testing.

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@MissAnthrope You took the words right out of my mouth. 100%

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Probably not. Guilt presumption pisses me off. I haven’t met a job that was worth it yet.

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no, but I’m in a position where I can say that.

also, unless the job is one in which taking drugs outside of business hours (assuming you’re not shooting heroine at work here) impinges on your ability to do what you’re being hired for, while it may make you a liability, it really isn’t any their business.

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This is reminding me of the two girls one cup atrocity,I feel faint.

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Yes, I would. But I would probably lose my job.

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Unless marijuana stays in your system for more than 4 years, I’m in the clear.

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Of course.

I do not use drugs so they can test me any time they want without me worrying.

Also random drug tests were what I agreed to when I was hired.

@Sarcasm if they do a hair test they can catch it if you have long hair. If my work did that I would be in trouble from years back.

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I’ll pee in their cup without being asked.;)

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@Just_Justine Yeah yeah let’s just not go there,I was thinking of eating soon ;¬}

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I’m pretty thankful I live in Canada, I’ve never met a single person here who has been required to drug test for their job. I’m sure it happens, but it’s no where near as common as in the USA.

If my company was to try it, I’d probably ask for a reasonable explanation as to why a window company would require drug testing.

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Yeah, the boss’s water cup.

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If I were lucky enough to have a job these days, I’d do it with both hands tied behind my back while singing the Star Spangled Banner if they asked me to.

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What kind of bullshit lowlife assbite employer wants you to piss in a cup?
does he want to drink it?

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@lucillelucillelucille Over a decade ago a disgruntled employee was caught peeing in the coffee pot on one of the units where I worked.

@davidbetterman Have you never had a job where you had to do a drug test to be hired and possibly agree to random drug tests during employment? I have not had a job in well over a decade that does not require it.

Personally, I think it is a good thing in jobs that require being fully in possession of one’s faculties. For instance, would you like to have a doctor operating on you while they were drunk or high?

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I’m astonished at all the sturm und drang this issue raises. It’s a pretty common requirement for a lot of jobs in the US. Don’t tell me that every other jelly here is an independent business owner, artisan, novelist, trust fund baby or anarchist.

Doesn’t anyone else here have a job that requires this?

Fortunately I don’t have this as an ongoing requirement, but I’ve had to pass urine tests for each new job (new employer) that I’ve been with since the early 90s. It’s annoying, and it is a ‘violation’ of privacy, but… I don’t have to take the thing and they don’t have to offer me the job.

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@CyanoticWasp My job requires that I do take them. I have never been asked to though.

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I’ve had many jobs, it’s generally been a requirement for corporate jobs…had to do it for all 3 Fortune 500 companies I worked for, generally is not a requirement for small businesses. I don’t worry either way since I’ve never used an illegal drug, though I’m fully in favor of legalizing many illegal drugs just on a moral/practical standpoint.

But what I do know is they can deny you employment if you fail a pre-employment screening, but if they say you are subject to random on the job drug testing and they find something, they have to offer you treatment and can’t fire you if you seek it.

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Now, an even better question would be if you were asked by your job to shit in a cup, would you?

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@Idknown Ditto. I have only had to do a drug test when hired so far. Usually when someone is told to do a random drug test is when the fuck up badly. I have not heard of any actual random tests although that is what we agree to when hired.

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@erichw1504 – after 13½ months of unemployment, if I could get hired anywhere, I’d give the boss’ mother in law a Cleveland Steamer if asked.

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I guess so. I’d prolly get a kick outta doing it, too. <_<

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@dalepetrie That is hilarious! Funniest thing I’ve read all month.

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@ucme I had just about managed to get that image out of my head after the ATM fiasco and you had to bring it up. I figured I’d browse a safe business related question. In NY it’s the cup or the highway.

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@Adirondackwannabe I know, I should be purged,talk about shitting in your own nest.Enough already.

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Don’t you have to agree to it when you take the job?

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I find it repugnant to say the least, that my employer would require I urinate for him. To then test for drug use? LOL Makes me laugh just to see how many go along with this absurd invasion of personal privacy.
Next they will be requiring you masturbate for your employment.
Of course, that might not be such a bad requirement.

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Sure. It would have been a condition of employment and I obviously would have accepted the job if they were testing me now.

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@davidbetterman : you can’t deny that there are reasons why a job would want to test for drugs, whereas, your comparison to masterbating for employment is just silly and makes no sense.

i would, i work for the government and i deal with children so it would be in the job’s best interest to be able to do testing. however, i am also in a union, and the union would step in and postpone or prevent it from happening. not that it matters to me, because i don’t do drugs anyway.

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Pee in a cup, tupperware container, cardboard box, plastic bag, or an empty milk bottle. If they want my pee they can have it…

That is of course if I hadn’t smoked pot recently, if I had then they would be getting someone else’s pee, but I would still happily put it in the container of their choosing.

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Yep (especially because the summer job I have is working with kids with developmental disabilities so being drug-free is pretty important.)

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Yeah, I would drink 5 litres of beetroot juice and pee in the cup for them!

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@davidbetterman I find it more repugnant to have to worry about being treated by a medical professional who might be high on drugs or alcohol. Likewise I find the prospect of having a fireman, policeman, or other being under the effect of drugs or alcohol.

Actually, repugnant is not the word… frightening is the word.

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I have been working for some 15–20 years and I have never had a job that required drug testing.

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Only if required by law such as the OTETA, or if so stated in an employment contract. Otherwise, I cannot be compeled to do so when I am already in their employ.

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@Arisztid Don’t forget truck drivers, the last thing you want is 20 tons of steel traveling down the road at 70 MPH with a cracked out driver at the wheel.

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the only time i had to have a drug test was when i was about 21 i got a job for an American communications corporation (probably ⅓ of the cell phones are made by this company that shall remain nameless). so i had to do this drug test, and i had to drive about 30 miles to do it. i refrained from any illegal substances for about 30 days prior but i was still paranoid. i read the Abby Hoffman book how to pass a drug test, and it suggested drinking a lot of water ahead of time. not only did i drink a lot of water, but on the way i took a can of soda. i got lost and by the time i got there i was literally jumping up and down because i had to pee so bad. it was funny.

now i would pee until the cows came home if they wanted it. they’re welcome to it.

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Er, probably. I’m sure I would be aware that the job I had might require it. If I was that opposed to it, I wouldn’t have a job that required it in the first place.

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@Arisztid – I too would not like professionals to be high or drunk while treating me but I don’t feel that it is fair to penalise them for the use of sustances in their spare time which no longer affect them while they are working.

People are allowed to get drunk in the weekend, but are fine to come to work in the week sober.

I am saddened to think that I would lose my job because I participated in smoking a joint and watching a DVD that previous Saturday simply because they tested my urine on Monday when I was sober.

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@Arisztid Hi! How is Keysha today? PM me if you want.

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@Rachienz I agree with you. It is not possible to do but, if it were, I would like it if there was a way to test for use and under the influence only at work. I, too, have no problem with people using off of work hours and after long enough that it does not impact their job performance.

Unfortunately there is no way to just test for that.

@janbb She is doing very well, resting after surgery. She is going to be released tomorrow. She has her laptop and I shall direct her to this thread. Thankyou much for asking! :)

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Oh great. Did you see the one with well-wishes for you guys yesterday?

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@janbb I did not… linky please?

janbb's avatar

Here you go. Enjoy it.

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@Arisztid – True true, like a breathiliser or tests which the New Zealand police use when they suspect someone is driving under the influence of drugs – eye dialation and other techniques that I am not sure of but know of their use. Totally support testing for being under the influence at work or driving.

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@janbb Thankyou!

@Rachienz I would think that there could be a test that would measure if the person is under the influence at work but it would cost too much to actually implement on a large scale in the US.

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And the answer to the question is that yes, I would pee in cup if my job depended on it. I not only like my job, but I like the money it brings in!

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Not if I did drugs recently.

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Certainly, if it meant money in teh bankz.

I would likely be willing to put a few more things in there as well.

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not a problem

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if it was at a job where i had agreed to it when i got hired. i’ve noticed some applications have a clause about it right before you sign your name at the end. luckily my job now didn’t. if i had gotten hired somewhere that required me to be okay with the possibility of a random drug test someday, and that day came, i don’t know what i would do. start shaking, pee in the cup, and then most likely get fired. or if i was really scared i would make up a quick getaway and never return. it would suck either way.

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Sure. Been there, done that.

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Only if they promise not to test it for drugs.

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Absolutely. If that is the requirement and I want the job, hand me the cup.
Ummm. May I have a drink of water first? Please?

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By the way I think that should be a requirement for public assistance too. (I’d still do it.)

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I wouldn’t like it, but hell, in this economy? I’d pee in public for a good job.

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If your drug habit is more important to you than obtaining or maintaining a good job, then that’s your choice. So go sit on a corner with your empty cup and a sign that says “will work for food.”

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Happily, if that were all my job required of me.

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It depends on what they were wanting to test for…

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Yes, I have nothing to hide.

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Every job I’ve had in the last 6 years has required drug testing so yes I do it.

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I will be damn glad to be peeing in a cup tomorrow morning after 15 months of unemployment. I’m so happy, I’ll secrete whatever they ask me to.

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