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Are there any certifications you should get as a web designer?

Asked by xyrius (13points) March 25th, 2010

I’m fairly fluent in web design and some of the languages. I’m unsure if I should go to obtain an actual degree to get a job or if I can simply take certification tests to place on a resume. Thanks for any advice you can lend!!!

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In general, your portfolio will pretty much speak for itself. Having attended formal classes and gaining certification would be a plus but not necessary. Keeping up with technological advances is key.

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Portfolio that doesn’t suck is key

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Designer here with 9 years of experience with no degree… The only real reason a designer or web developer should go to college is to learn new skills, but if you know the skills then it would seem more like a waste of money an time.

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Anyone can get certifications (think about the number of students graduating every year with the same cert) but experience is priceless . And it will show in your portfolio (=

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