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Baptism gift ideas?

Asked by jenandcolin (2296points) March 25th, 2010

My husband and I will be my niece’s godparents (baptism in two weeks). I am going to get her gown (I have heard this is traditional). But, we want to get her something else to commemorate the occasion. Any ideas?
Oh, there is a really cute “little girl” cross necklace with box (that can be engraved). We were thinking about that…

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Back in the day, the occasion warranted theme-appropriate gifts. These days, we usually just write a check or get US Savings Bonds or a gift card. I know it may sound too impersonal, but the reality is that it helps the parents recoup some of the expenses in laying out the event. . .

Small jewelry like you thought about will just end up getting lost or unusable when they’re grown and may not be truly appreciated by the godchild anyway.

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Start a college fund for her. She is too young right now to appreciate any gift you get her. But the college fund will be appreciated by both her and her parents down the road.

You can get the cross necklace when she has grown a bit more and is able to appreciate it.

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Save the cross as a gift for First Communion or Confirmation.

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ring, necklace, Bible, handmade items, sterling items

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The necklace sounds perfect :)

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I have never heard of the godparents purchasing the christening gown, but all the children in our family- me, sister, cousins, all their children – were baptized in my christening gown, with the same blanket.

My children’s godparents bought savings bonds. Any gifts they received for baptism are long lost – except for the charm bracelets that a friend started for them, and added to at every significant milestone.

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I have a silver spoon from mine.

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Do check with the parents about the gown. When my daughter had her batism her great grandmother had a gown made for her, which we ended up using. She didn’t know that I had my sister purchase a gown we saw years ago before I had my daughter. I couldn’t wait to have a daughter to dress her in it. We had a translation problem and my husband didn’t want to disappoint his grandmother so he never told her and I was disappointed that she never got to wear the dress I chose.
Your other gift idea sounds lovely. You can never have too much jewelry. You can have too many dresses. At least for this one event.

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A necklace sounds good.that is what my sisers got when they had their baptism

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A doll or some other toy for the girl. She deserves it.

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