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Can a serious-minded, all business type person, develop humor and a personality?

Asked by Exhausted (1443points) March 25th, 2010

I have always been a “get the job done” type person. I’m very analytical. I’ve noticed that if for some reason I am in a very good mood, light-hearted or giddy, my sons want to know if I’ve been drinking. I know that’s sad, but I wonder if someone that is really serious can learn to be funny, or acquire an upbeat persona without mood altering drugs or alcohol? Or am I destined to be “all-business” for the rest of my life?

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Why of course, look at David Brent.

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if you find something funny you have a sense of humor :) explore what amuses you and be sure to take time to laugh at the little things while you’re at it. Just don’t expect everyone else to always get the joke.

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Of course… lot’s of successful executives have senses of humor. . . . including me. . . LOL . . . see?

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Try to find out which situations you are most relaxed in and maximize your time as much as possible in those situations. Your wit and personality will more naturally come out then rahter than by a deliberate attempt to cultivate it.

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I think unless your name is Soames Forsyte, you might have a chance at that. Something out there makes you laugh. Don’t look too hard, it will come to you.

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You need to increase your humor stats. Get into comedy. Read comedy. Pay attention to the funny shows people around you enjoy so that you can learn their sense of humor. That way, yours doesn’t conflict with theirs. Don’t worry, you will automatically put your own spin on the jokes you enjoy. Don’t try to be original, just try to be good.

One big thing I’ll tell you is that being funny, takes practice. You have to say a funny joke to others a few times for trouble shooting sake. You’ll suck at first but you’ll learn how to say the joke better and better with practice. Just don’t give up too quickly.

Also, try new jokes. I’ll start you off with the easiest simple joke that can successfully get you in trouble a few times as well as quickly demonstrate to others that you’re hilarious and interested in them having a good time:

“You’re a…”

Jim says: “Hey, could you pass me that paper!”
You say: “You’re a paper!” then pass it to them.


Your wife says: “Honey, could you fix the lightbulb?”
you say: “You’re a lightbulb!” then fix it..

If they challenge you on grammar or anything like that, the trick is to try to defend your opinion as horribly as possible. The fact that it will make no sense is where the funny comes in. Try it.

don’t forget to smile

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LOL…..who is David Brent? and who is Soames Forsyte???? I’ll google them and maybe that will help????

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@Exhausted TV show The Office.Ricky Gervais in the British original version is way the best.

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Oh, ok. He didn’t get into comedy until late in life?

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It takes all kinds of people to bring about a well-rounded persepective. Sure, a person can take strides to lighten up and have more fun. But unless there is something causing the person to act this way outside their natural range of emotions/responses, then they don’t need fixing, because they aren’t broken.

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@Exhausted – The Forsyte Saga by John Galsworthy. The lead character, Soames Forsyte is a seriously, incredibly humouless prig of a man who tries to buy his way through life and own everything. Including his wife. That doesn’t work out too well, so he “buys” another wife and that a flop as well. He’s never shown to laugh or take much delight in anything. He gets angry a lot, though.

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I can be serious minded, all business, humorous, all while having a great personality. Why the question?

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I didn’t grow up in a light-hearted environment and once I was on my own, it was all about survival. I am past that now, my kids are grown and gone and I want to figure out how to lighten up a little. I’m not mean, I do have fun (sometimes) and I do find humor in others, just haven’t found it in me yet….lol. I try to tell jokes sometimes, and it’s usually a major flop. I know it’s all about delivery and mine sucks cuz it’s out of character for me so most people just look at me with this dumbfounded look!

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If there’s anything like Second City where you live, perhaps you could take an improv class.

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I get what you’re going through (minus the kids; I don’t have kids). I’m exactly the same way. For me, I approached it situationally. I developed an ability to quickly discern situations that truly needed me to be “all-business” (say, making sure my interns showed up on time) versus situations where you can be more relaxed (say, having a friendly lunch w/some interns and chitchatting about the news of the day). The humor side of it came naturally.

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Of course!The human condition alone is very funny,if you take the time to ponder it :)

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Look, you are who you are, trying too hard to change might have the opposite effect. Your family LOVE you no matter what – something to remember all the time, and you love them in your own dearest way, and I think your family knows that.

Meanwhile, relaxing yourself more often cerntainly helps. Focus on gestures like smiling and body languages if you are not very good verbally.

If anyone could change you gradually, it would be your family.


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@phillis Why thankyou ma’am. :)

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I have the opposite problem..can a silly, humorous, non-conformist EVER become more serious, disciplined, rigid?

I hope not! lololol

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People who don’t know me are often surprised to find that I have a serious side, and that I am (more often than not) analytical and rational—but I never avoid finding a bon mot if there’s one to be found. There’s nothing at all wrong with being serious and a “get the job done” type, but… you can walk and chew gum at the same time, right? You can also crack a joke and keep on working, too.

Sometimes the work goes better, too, for all concerned.

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How Linda’s clitoris ended up in her throat remains a scientific puzzle, but the evolution of mammalian auditory ossicles is one of the most well-documented and important evolutionary events. It’s a good thing there are fossicles, some might argue. Especially fossiliferous ossicles. But I wouldn’t get too fossorious about it. I mean it’s almost impossicle, isn’t it?

@janbb never thought she’d live to see this. Hope this answers your question.

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@mattbrowne My work with you is nearly done. Next up is….?

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Ha! Ha!

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