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Little kids sometimes say the cutest things or blurt out their opinions at the most inconvenient times. Have you enjoyed such an experience?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21514points) March 25th, 2010

Did your little one ever say, comment on, blurt out his/her opinion(“uncut version”)when you were least expecting it?
These utterances are treasures that adults often think of and laugh!
What was it he/she said?

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Someone should make a TV show about this. Bill Cosby would be a good host.

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I forgot that little ones are very literal-minded.

When I was babysitting my twin toddler nephews, I wanted to brush their hair. I made the mistake of saying, “Come let me brush your hair. It looks like there’s a bid nesting in it.”

He began screaming and jumping up and down brushing frantically at his head saying, “Get it out! Get it out! Don’t want a bird in my hair!”

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@Ivan Dammit. I was going to say that.

My 5 year old cousin and I were on a walk the other week. We went past the skatepark and he announced very loudly that I would make “cute chil’ren with that boy in the blue shirt.” Then proceeded to run into the park to talk to the guy about skating.
I had to facepalm and go after him.

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shoots Bill

Yes, it is funny and cute. But terribly awkward if it is related to you.

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(Removed by me.)

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Bill Cosby HAD a show like this before: Kids Say the Darndest Things.

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Did all that ~points up~ really just happen?

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It happened it DID!

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A quote from my then 6 year old niece to her Mom and Dad who are in the late 40’s:

“You’ve been married almost 10 years? You’ve been grown ups for a long time!”

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When our boys were 2 and 4 my wife and I took them with us to a White House Press Corps Dinner. At the time George W. was the man in power and he was making his pass around the table before the meal was served. He stopped briefly where we were seated, commented on what strapping young men we had, and asked my 4 year old what he wanted to be when he grew up.

To my chagrin my boy answered, “Anything but a pompous, pampered, oil brat cocksucker that is determined to pilot a country I love straight into the toilet.”

A brief moment of murder passed across W.‘s eyes before he stretched his mouth in a tight grin, tousled the boy’s hair, and muttered, “Y’all must be very proud. God bless ya.”

Needless to say we were never invited back.

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We were in the car with my mom and her bf, just having a normal conversation, when my 4 year old decides to announce that his “butt itches”, it was so random, we started laughing, and I guess he didn’t like our reaction because he goes “I’m serious, I have a rash, and it really itches!”....

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My 8 year old nepew“any one can play baseball, even my dad, and he’s almost 40.”

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When my daughter was 8 years old, they were studying planets in school. We had a set of encyclopedias at the house and she announced that she wanted to look up “Uranus.”

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the other day my husband and I were getting new bank cards, at the bank. our 2.5 year old was running around the foyer wasn’t busy and no one seemed to mind. So, he’s doing his laps and stops in the middle of the bank and says “mommy, I tooted!”

every burst out laughing. embarrassing, but funny.

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@boxing Bill stole/borrowed the idea from Art Linkletter

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I’m told that one hot, hot summer, when I was small, I accompanied my grandma to the grocery store. My grandma didn’t do well when it got above 80°F (27°C) and when we got to the register, the cashier told my grandma that she looked a little weary. “She’s in heat!” I announced.

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My son is 19 months old, so his vocabulary is limited to “Daddy”(interchangably “Mommy” and “Daddy”) “kee-key”(kitty-cat), “Car-car”, and about 25 others.

Last night we’re walking through WalMart, and we walked past the cookies. Since I didn’t agree immediately to his request for “coo-kee!”, he spent the next 15 minutes crying and screaming “DADDY BITE! DADDY BITE! DADDY BITE!”


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I think my favorite wasn’t all that embarassing to me because my son and I were alone together in my car. One day when I was driving, the song “Big Balls” by AC/DC came on the radio…my son was about 6, and as I was wondering if 6 was quite old enough to understand the concept of ‘double entendre’, he shouts to me from the back seat, “is he talking about his nuts?’

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Three year old grandson calls broccoli ‘trees’, but when I offered him a tree last week, he said that’s not a tree, that’s shrubbery.

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My husband told me a story about his first grade class (circa 1977). One day, for show-and-tell, the teacher had asked them to bring a record from home to play for the class. My hubby’s best friend played “Big Balls”. It got to the first chorus before the teacher realised why 25 kids were laughing their arses off. ^_^

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Oh man.
I was just at IHOP with my friend’s almost 2-year old.
This elderly man came up and started making faces at her.
She laughed at first then hit him in the face and screamed “BIIIIIIIIIIIITCHHHHHH” as loud as she could.
I’m pretty sure my face was very very red.

@dalepetrie I didn’t know the meaning of that song until I was in about 4th grade. My mom has videos of me as a little kid singing it at the top of my lungs. :l

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According to my mum, I once told a bald man that he forgot to put his hair on!!! I was about 3 years at the time.

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My mom would put root beer in a tiny pewter mug I had that looked like the bigger beer stein my dad used. I liked to call the root beer “beer.” One day some Jehovah’s Witnesses came to the door (I was about six.) While my mom was talking to them, I came up behind with my little stein held out and said, “Mom. Can I have some more beer?”

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@Seek_Kolinahr & @rangerr – that’s great! :)

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I just thought of another great story. My dad has dentures, or actually what are called “partials”...basically all his back teeth are gone and he has this thing where it’s metal attached to false teeth. You can’t tell by looking at him, so he likes to freak kids out by taking his teeth out and chomping them at the kid.

Well, one day he was showing a little girl…he slapped himself in the back of the head with one hand and caught his teeth with his other hand as they flew out of his mouth. That was all well and good, except the next time the girl saw her grandma, she walks up to grandma, whacks her in the back of the head expecting her teeth to come out. Only two problems….1) grandma didn’t have false teeth, and 2) grandma had never met my dad and had no idea why her grandaughter would have done such a thing.

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When my brother was younger he asked: ‘Mummy why is your bum so wobbly?’

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