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How fast could you arm yourself?

Asked by ChaosCross (2340points) March 25th, 2010

Time for a novel question:
Sitting from where you are now, how fast could you arm yourself with a fire arm or melee weapon?

I clock fairly fast at four seconds, how about you? How fast and what weapon?

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The magazine rack is at the end of the couch with a mace can hidden for those defense times.

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15–20 seconds – AK47.

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15 seconds handgun, 35 seconds shotgun or rifle.

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I could have a 20 gauge Mossberg shotgun pointing at your noggin in 10 seconds…you’d have to get past my German Shepherd first :)

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I suppose I could twat someone over the head with my computer mouse,so i’d say less than a second.Well i’m English we don’t do guns, it’s the best i could come up with.It would leave a nasty bruise. Click on this mother fucker.

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D-do my fancy pens count? If so, that’s about 1 second.

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20 minute drive home…20 seconds to unpack and load 5 rounds. 12 gauge Pump Shotgun.

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My sword collection is at my fingertips.

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@Seek_Kolinahr What swords do you collect?

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Not very. I don’t own any guns, and most of them are either too heavy, or have too much kick, for me to use them. I suspect anger and adrenaline would help me override those sensations quite nicely, so don’t get any bright ideas! I’ve gone to indoor and outdoor ranges with plenty of cop friends. I’m a dead on shot.

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0 seconds! I stared down on every threat and it would instantly go away.

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From the sofa to the trainstation (walking): 12 min.
Trainstation (Hometown to Amsterdam): 44 min.
Looking for a dodgy bar + dodgy weaponsalesman: 30 sec.
Negotiating a price: 6 min.
Go back from A’dam to Hometown (train + walking): 59 min.

2 hours, 1 min, 30 sec.

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Oh, I collect just for fun, mostly. I do have a couple of old pieces (a French bayonet from the mid-1700s, for one) but other than that it’s LARP-ing stuff. Still, my Anduril could chop up some serious arse. ^_^

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It doesn’t matter how quickly you can arm yourself if someone catches you by surprise.

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@Captain_Fantasy True, but thats not the question?

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5 seconds to open the drawer to my right and pull this or this out.

If I was at home, as opposed to college, it would be about 10 seconds to grab a rifle.

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I am a martial artist so I am sitting here with melee weapons… my hands, feet, elbows, knees, etc.

How fast I could arm myself with something other than my body parts? Well I see all sorts of things that I could use as weapons. Part of my training is to be able to pick up and use just about anything.

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½ second to draw from holster or sheath.

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Shotgun at the ready in about 10 seconds, knife in under 5, 30lb weight in about 1 second, armed and ready now if martial arts count.
Shotgun is where I’m headed though unless the way is blocked. If they came through the front or back doors (kick-in) I’d have it before they could see me – and that’s all that matters.

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I just cut a pear with my pocket knife, so half a second to reach that.
There’s a handgun in my closet. With the time it takes to get up and go do the combination lock 30 seconds? Mabye?
Then there are rifles in the dining room. That’s about a 10 second sprint, plus the 5 seconds to grab the key and open the cabinet.

My aunt’s wolf/shepherd mix is staying with us while they move.. so you’d have to get past Diablo first.

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Wireless mouse… I’m dead huh?

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Just coming back from a re-enactment, or do you wear gun and sword at all times?

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Gun and/or knife. No sword. Depends on what the law says I can legally carry where I am going to be on a given day.

I do reenact, but our 3” parrot gun is a little hard to carry.

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Sitting at my work desk, all I have to do is reach less than an arm-length and I am ready to poke someone’s eyes out with my scissors.

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I can reach a set of decent kitchen knives in about four seconds.

No guns (not legal in the UK). There are a couple of wooden bokkens (practise katanas) upstairs. Fifteen seconds to get to one of those.

Give me a bit longer, maybe five minutes, and I could manage a bow, strung and with an arrow ready to shoot. Or the replica 15th century longsword from under my bed.

Guns, who needs guns?

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Pocket knife: 1 second
Significantly bigger and scarier knife: 10–15 seconds
Hockey Stick/Baseball Bat: 25 seconds
Shotgun: 40–50 seconds

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20 seconds – Mossberg 500 12 ga.

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Arm myself? Fuck that, I’d just run away. lol! Zero seconds. Beat that!

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@lilikoi Some of the places I have been, you would only die tired if you tried to run away.

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15 seconds for picking up Milo. 20” for finding my large cast iron fry pan.

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Find my iPhone; dial 911. (I’m a gonner, ain’t I?)

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10 seconds to my police baton. Another fifteen after that to screw on my paintball gun’s airtank and fill the hopper and then 30 seconds to sweep my house for intruders. I’m too poor to afford a real gun. And my paintball one looks real enough.

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My blow dry brushes, spiky and deadly

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Bag of mixed candy at my fingertips (courtesy of my sis).

2 religious magazines at my fingertips (courtesy of same sis)

One for distraction, the other to bore you to death or send you running into the hills.

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Five seconds, and it would be a doffing pin. (That’s a sharp metal spike about a foot long and about as thick as a pencil, used for removing wool from a drum carder. It’s very strong and has a wicked point.)

Thirty more seconds and I’d get the sword out of the bedroom.

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(@Keysha is in the hospital right now)

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I’m am always armed. My two fists are all I need.

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Ooh! I forgot about my sewing stuff! That’d be even easier to get to than my swords, as they’re in the closet right next to me.

Got a couple of awls for leatherworking, those will put a mean hole in your eye. A pair of 8” long dressmaker’s shears…

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5 seconds- a machete with a 2’ blade.

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Dunno about a firearm, but my tennis racquets should do the trick in a pinch, though they would break pretty quickly. Oh wait, would a tennis ball machine count as a firearm? Then, 2 minutes running to my school’s tennis courts.

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Dunno about a firearm, but my tennis racquets should do the trick in a pinch, though they would break pretty quickly. Oh wait, would a tennis ball machine count as a firearm? Then, 2 minutes running to my school’s tennis courts.

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You know, I thought about answering this and then I thought: “Why in the world would I want to supply this information when the government undoubtedly trolls the Internet looking for this kind of information?”

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@WestRiverrat Yeah, I can imagine situations where that wouldn’t be the ideal option, but I can also imagine many situations where fleeing really would be your best bet. Let’s not forget this is a hypothetical question, vague in details, with infinite possibilities. The question asked about where you are now. Maybe you’re in a cabin in the woods 100s of miles from civilization, but I’m in a suburb close to good neighbors and a fire station.

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Five seconds to grab a 9 lbs Chihuahua/Pomeranian with breath that’ll knock you over. Two seconds after that for a crotch stomp and/or dick punch. Done.

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About 5 seconds for my lockback knife, and 10 seconds for my other knife.

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Um, does using my previously traumatized and therefore ‘trigger’ (actually claws) happy cat as a weapon count?

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7 seconds to grab a 20 gauge shotgun, or a 1 second whistle to my parrot who allows no one to touch me.

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I have a kitchen knife on the table that I could grab in a second.

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2sec, a pen….

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@Seek_Kolinahr – Sticking to simple things that don’t make noise! And you have rope for securing the intruder while the police are en-route…

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15 seconds Glock19.

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