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These days, do you have more good days than bad?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11439points) March 25th, 2010 from iPhone

What contributes to this?

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Haha, no. It’s not really circumstantial, though. I’m mostly just grumpy a lot of the time because I am so sick of high school these days. I feel silly for being so grumpy all the time, though, because my life is a lot better right now than it was a year ago and I really ought to be appreciating that.

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More good days because my family is healthy and doing well.

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Always. It’s simply a matter of recognizing that most of what people imagine is crummy or unfair or “devastating” or a source of anxiety and drama is actually in most cases the normal demands of existence. Unless you are hopelessly disabled or unjustly imprisoned or something totally out of the ordinary, most of life’s challenges and disappointments are simply what happens if you live long enough. So we fight, and live one more day. And on and on. It’s the way it is. The cliche is, “it beats the alternative”.

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I sure try to find something to appreciate every day- there’s always something.

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I’ve gotten some pretty crappy news lately, and my one son cluster feeds from 6pm to midnight…so things aren’t fantastic. But, I know how lucky I am and that gets me through the rough times.

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I tend to think that there’s more bad days than good when I’m having a bad day.
Today wasn’t awesome but I still think there are more good than bad. Must be a good day then.

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@mirifique I’m breastfeeding. He nurses from 6pm onto midnight..I can unlatch him for like 5–10 minutes, but then he throws a fit and has to nurse. It’s actually quite common.

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@casheroo Not saying it’s not; just never heard of that.

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More good days. I’m pretty easy to please and these days I have time to really enjoy the simple pleasures I barely noticed when working the salt mines.

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I rarely have “bad” days. Sometimes I have “meh” days. I have days where I didn’t do what I wanted to do or days when something backfired. Those are not great, but they’re not that bad either. Most of my days are good, but that could just be my outlook. :\

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No, I can’t remember the last totally good day I had…. my mood peaks & troughs continuously throughout any given day.

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I like to say if nothing disastrous has occured in my life then it’s a good day. Keeping a daily calendar has helped me focus and also appreciate what I’ve got. Oh yeah, it’s also been great for reality checking when the filter of bad mood clouds up my common sense.

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Everyday is just like timebomb, I waiting for something to go off.

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More good days than bad – when it’s bad, it’s really bad though.

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More good than bad. And even the bad days are better than they used to be. In fact my bad days now are better than my good days used to be. It’s mostly circumstantial – I now have a good job that I enjoy doing, whereas before I was in a dead-end job that paid badly and I hated. The rest of it is because I’ve stopped trying to pretend to be someone I’m not, and I’ve given myself permission to be me.

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I find that I have more good days when I am thinking of others and doing things that make their lives better. I focus less on myself this way, and the lift I get from doing kindness feels kind of like the endorphins released when I exercise. And a nice bonus is I have more friends who also care about and for me. I think that as a society we have developed a tendency to think about self-actualization and selfish endeavors to the exclusion of doing good. It’s like a moral cancer, and it truly can make us more unhappy.

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