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Do you ever think that jellies put up (certain) questions just to get attention?

Asked by Jude (32112points) March 25th, 2010

Some for the shock value or what have you.

Just wondering…

I’m not referring to anyone in particular. I’m just curious.

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Of course – no one posts in the hope of being ignored.

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I’m new to this site, what is a jellie?

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Uh – yeah.

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Only by trolls, like Everest

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So, it was a bad idea to ask: Have you ever noticed that sometimes Cripples just need their ass kicked?

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I love the phrasing of “certain questions” because just about everyone who reads it is going to think “is it me?”

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@filmfann Ha!

@janbb Lately, I’ve been getting that feeling early in the a.m.. It’s like terrible indigestion.

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Oh, bad, @filmfann. I think oxymoron believed the things she said.

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Never with me. I’m very shy, you see.

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@chelle21689 YOU are a jellie. All of us on this site are jellies. We’re also flutherites. Welcome aboard. :-)

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Of course. Daily. Why is that a surprise?

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I think some of us sometimes put up questions in hopes of gaining support on things that ought not be supported, in favor of the betterment of the author. There is a rich vein of enabling that gets tapped into with some regularity around here. That being said, it isn’t the whole of fluther. There’s a lot of good that goes on here, too.

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I also think people post certain answers to get attention.

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Oh @DominicX that would be me!

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What kind of attention? I don’t understand how a question can get someone attention. :/

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I totally think that. But hey what can we do about it?

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@DominicX if you’re referring to me. I’m not. :)

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I just assumed all the questions asked on Fluther were motivated by the same thing, to see what answers they get.

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I’m thinking of someone you’re not thinking, in particular, :). We all post for some sort of attention but some of us more than others.

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I was tempted to put out a question asking if I was using the wrong deodorant because no one has been giving me lurve lately, but I figured I would look like a lurvecwhpre and thought better of it.

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Darned iPhone. I meant lurve whore but it was to far down to edit!

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@Judi Here’s the lurve.

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I wanna be a lurvecwhpre

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A lurvecwhpre sounds painful. :)


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I think there are quite a few jelly jars that havn’t set up properly! lolol

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I feel like I’ve been doing some lurvechores lately.

Not Sent from My iPhone

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We’re all lurvecwhpres here! <giggles>

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something about worms…

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I suppose so, but other than the occasional blatantly evident attention seeking bullshit such as posted by psycho godgobbers or questions about political affiliation which are actually just set up as opiniated statements, I really couldn’t tell which question wants attention. I’ll take it as face value, most times.
I would have examples for what I posted above when it comes to the type of questions, but I suppose were I to elaborate, I’ll get flamed or some shit for not respecting or tolerating the opinions and views of others. Still, that kinda attention seeking behaviour is pretty minor here, compared to other online communities. Those people tend to not stay very long as I’ve noticed.

On the other hand though, isn’t that kinda the point, depending on how you look at it? I mean we post questions cuz we want folks to answer them right?

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Hahahahahahahahhahaha yes.

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