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I’m making a short film… I need a song that builds up and hits this HUGE climax…?

Asked by creativejuices (490points) March 25th, 2010

What are some of your suggestions? I am already looking at Sigur Ros, Explosions in the Sky, the soundtrack from The Mission and Mogwai. Any specific songs from these bands? Any other amazing cinematic climatic songs that make you want to fly/cry!? I’m open to ANYTHING!

Thanks guys! Much LURVE!!

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@ filmfann yeah!!.... that’s the direction i’m headed in! Thanks!! oh, i guess i should tag this with film as well, yes?

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Light My Fire – the Doors. Talk about a climax!

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A few songs from my favorite album ever (Sgt. Peppers) come to mind. “A Day in the Life” has 2 amazing climaxes, I suppose you could edit one of them out, to get the intense final one. Dont know how it will fit your song, but I hope it will work!

If you want something more heavy, check out the song “Toronto” by Battles. It begins slowly, and speeds up to the middle of the song, then slow back down. If you just cut to the middle when it gets faster, it may work. Just putting it out there.

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@Arp Great responses!!

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“Inna gadda da vida” by Iron butterfly. It was used in the climax scene of Manhunter, but that was like 25 years ago.

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Make the film first…......then fit the music to the film which should support and enhance your finished work.


ABBA’s “Kisses of Fire”. Starts off slowly and gently, then builds to a esctatic climax.

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I’m with @JessicaisinLove here that we need to see the dynamics of the film to offer a true suggestion here. Outlaws Green Grass and High Times is a front to back ass kicker so is Free Bird as much as that song has been over done.

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Lux Aeterna, from the film Requiem for a Dream.

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Hey I just remembered this one: My Body is A Cage, by Arcade Fire. Kick ass video too! Breaks loose around 2:20.

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**EDIT – The film follows a man who is facing the last moments of his life. He is asked “tell me… what goes through a mans head right before he dies”. He starts to have these distorted flash backs of his life. first they start off as happy and peaceful but abruptly distort and turn to negative.

In my work flow I would rather find the song first than find the song to fit the film after it has been made. Music is such a force, I want it to be powerful and driving the imagery.
It is a short & artistic film in a foreign language. I would rather not have current pop songs.

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anything by E.S. Posthumus

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This Will Destroy YouThe World Is Our_____.

If you like Explosions In The Sky, then I imagine you’ll like this.
The climax is around 5:33.

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@creativejuices Knowing the scene better, I’d say “Gadda Da Vida” would be a better choice because it sounds darker than the Arcade Fire song. Both have mad organ though, so check them out and let me know what you think.if you don’t mind

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Heaven’s on Fire.

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@cockswain Thanks for the suggestions but I think that we are leaning more towards instrumental. But those are amazing songs!

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@holden this will most defiantly be in the film! Thank you. And awesome name!

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@ChaosCross Nara will make its way on the Film as well! I love E.S. Posthumus. Thanks for reminding me!

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For something extremely epic try The Eagles-Journey of the Sorcerer.

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YES…...or jazz…...

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It’s All Coming Back To Me Now. Yeah, I know, Celine Dion, but it;s a great songwith a bangin’ climax. Either do it as an instrmental or get a different vocalist with an edge

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Barber’s Adagio for strings.

It doesn’t hit the crescendo for quite a while into the song, but it’s very powerful…brings me to tears every time!

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I think I got the band in question.. Godspeed! You Black Emperor. If you’re looking for instrumental with slow builds into an explosion. lots of emotion captured with this band. Especially if you’re considering Explosions in the Sky, this is similar, yet way more epic (in my opinion at least) Check out their myspace for a listen. songs: lift your skinny fists; and moya are good examples of what I think you’re looking for. But personally, I would highly recommend a song from the album ‘Lift your skinny little fists like antennas to heaven’. The 2nd song on the 2nd disc.. it’s begins with ‘Moya sings Baby-O’ then trails off for a good 5 or so minutes, then hits its “HUGE climax” at like 5:30. Here’s a youtube link: Its a long song but w./in that first ten minutes its worth checking out. Good luck..

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Ravel’s Bolero.A perfect 10.

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Escape To India from Kundun always moves me to tears. Its ten minutes long and has a monumental build up and up and well, up some more.

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whoa! thanks for all the awesome suggestions! Listening to them now!

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@galileogirl LOL! I was totally singing that all night last night!!

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Philip Glass

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It’s All I Tribal Seeds

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