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So, what are your thoughts about Kwedit? (see details)

Asked by Buttonstc (27569points) March 25th, 2010 from iPhone

When I first heard Colbert satirizing it, I thought it was a joke or phony website.

Well, evidently not. is a website with a cutesy little duck mascot which claims to be aiming for teens and adults without credit cards.

It enables one to play games and make virtual world purchases (such as a $400.00 doghouse) and pay for them with real world cash at a local 7–11 or other merchants.

If you can’t keep your promise to pay, you have the option to “pass the duck” (get it?) to family or friends who will pay on your behalf.

Obviously this is not legally enforcable if dealing with a minor, so I guess if you don’t pay, they would presumably cut you off.

You do have the opportunity to earn an increasingly higher Kwedit Score (which mimics the number scores used by real credit institutions) by paying regularly and you can then play more, etc. Etc.

They claim to be for teens and adults, not kids. But the cute little duck and inability to pronounce the letter “R” in their words rather belies that, don’t you think?

How long do you think this thing will last as parents discover the potential insidious hold this has on their kids?

Or is this the wave of the future preparing future consumers to become comfortable with the idea of the Albatross of increasingly larger debt hanging from their necks ?

What’s next? Barbie’s dreamhouse complete with mortgage ?

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I didn’t read the whole site but there should be an age restriction! I can see some people don’t have or want credit cards but would like to order online, like Ticketmaster. But would Ticketmaster like Kwedit?

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Sounds like a scam.

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Evidently anyone registering must aver that they are 13 yrs. or older. But there’s evidently nothing to prevent a younger child from claiming that.

My impression is that’s just CYA bullsh*t.

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That is one of the strangest things I’ve seen in a long time.

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