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My garage door goes down but makes a grinding sound when it won't go up?

Asked by rreppa (52points) March 25th, 2010

Is this a fixable problem? Where can I go for fix it myself solutions?

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Sounds like it is getting caught on something. Check all the rollers on the sides of the door when it gets hung-up. It sounds like something is getting caught.

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Probably fixable – is this a chain or screw drive model – and how old? GA @johnpowell

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Try searching for the manufacturer and see if they have any tips or FAQs that will help you trouble shoot the problem.

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Check the teeth on the gear that moves the chain, they might be worn and that grinding sound could be your chain slipping.

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This is the screw drive model.
When I hit the raise button and then manually lift it it does go up as long as I do the lifting, so I think it may be slippage. Since it is an older chain model how should I proceed?

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Before you replace it, check to see if the main spring is still attached. Sometimes they let go and the motor ends up trying to do all the lifting. That wears it out qiuckly.

If the gear is worn or missing teeth, is not difficult to replace. Open the link on the chain. slide the chain to one side and remove the gear. On mine it is held with a roll pin that you can tap out with a hammer and nail.

If the main lift spring is broken, call a pro. Those things scare me.

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If my garage door went down, I wouldn’t complain.

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@janbb You would if your car was stuck inside ;)

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It is fixable. Probably needs the wheels greased, and you can buy that at a hardware store- the cheapest fix. After that, you can stick a screwdriver in the works and crank it up or down which increases or releases the tension, but I’ve only watched that part. I know there are you tube videos on this.

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