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Is there a dog equivalent of catnip?

Asked by AstroChuck (37438points) March 25th, 2010

I ask this because there is something inside the stuffing of my brain dead dog’s bed that is making her act the way one of my cats reacts whenever he is around catnip. I know the bed is stuffed with cedar but I can’t help thinking that there must be something else in there or in the bed’s fabric that is triggering her reaction. She drags the dog bed around and starts digging at it, then she rolls around like she’s been really hitting the chronic. She even seems to get the munchies afterward as she heads straight for her dog bowl. I don’t think it’s the cedar because I believe her old bed was stuffed with that as well and I have never seen this behavior from her around that one.
Has anyone else noticed behavior like this from their dog? Could there be something like “dognip” or is my dog just nuts?

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contact buzz???

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also….dogs are easily entertained…..chewing beds…taking squeakers out of toys…..running in circles…..cats need a nip to make them interested, besides the laser lights.
some dogs eat shoes, eat floorboards, windows…..consider yourself lucky???
cheaper than cable.

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@jazmina88- Oh, no. She eats other things such as slippers, my daughter’s toys, bluetooth headsets, books, CDs and DVDs, etc., but you’ve really got to see her with her bed. She gets high!

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I’ve provided cedar-stuffed beds for my dogs for a long time, and haven’t ever noticed that either. My guess is maybe someone dropped something onto the bed, or your dog transferred a scent onto the bed’s fabric somehow.

If it has a removable cover I would try immersing in something like Nature’s Miracle to neutralize any scents/odors. Or you could of course just replace the bed.

If you go with suggestion #2, please video him beforehand and post it here just for kicks :)

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Cock Roaches

I only say that because my dog flips his lid over cock roaches. Gets down on the ground and rolls around with them. Goes nuts just like my cat over catnip.

Better call Orkin!

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It’s called bacon.

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Let’s go with MEAT. (which includes bacon)

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You said it in your Q: “stuffing”.

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No shit dude. There’s a bug somewhere.

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Yeah. The way she acts it’s up her butt.

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LOL. I was going to say bone marrow, but I doubt there’s any of that in your dog bed (let’s hope). It sounds like she’s just hyper!

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Has a boy dog been in her bed? lol

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@Coloma- I hardly think that would matter. She’s been spayed.

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Just a bit of humor.

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My dog gets like this about certain things, ESPECIALLY new things. It might just be her expressing her excitement over something new. Also maybe she doesnt love the scent of the bed and if she is rolling on it and biting at it, she might be trying to show it who’s boss and get her scent worked into it. Just some thoughts though…maybe your dog just got into your “cookie jar” ;)

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Perhaps this explains it…

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