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Is it wrong for a Christian to drink wine?

Asked by shorty (244points) March 8th, 2008
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Jesus first recorded miracle was turning water into wine and the Bible says (I’m paraphrasing) “We will do greater things than what Jesus did on earth”

I don’t believe, if Christianity forbid drinking wine, that we would be empowered to provide it.

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If they happen to be driving at the time, well then, yeah.

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I’m back no as long as you are the master over the wine and not it the master over you

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Christian scientists aren’t allowed. I do know that.

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Why would you think that it would be wrong? If it was good enough for Jesus, then its good enough for me.

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Yeah, especially since he explicitly instructs his disciples to drink at the last supper for example. And as previously mentioned, he turned the water into wine, and not just a glass either, but 6 stone jars holding 20–30 gallons each. That’s a wedding I wish I could have been at! Jesus was down for partying.

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Theologians believe that the wine party was already extremely drunk when Jesus performed the miracle.

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southern baptist people no way in the south a lot of towns and counties you cant by liquor or beer at all or not on sundays. you can’t go to the 7–11 in atlanta on sunday and buy a 40. you can’t even buy beers bigger than 22oz in alabama. you cant buy jack daniels in lynchburg. whats up with arizona 7–11 there you can buy jack daniels at 3 in the morning.

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Drinking wine is not forbidden by the majority of Christian sects. In fact, Christ was said to have given wine to the apostles to symbolize his blood, the ritual on which Communion is now based. But, like most things, the abuse of wine would probably be looked down upon.

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I don’t see a problem with it unless you abuse it and it has taken control over your normal actions or causing you to do bad things or treat others wrong.

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The bible tells us that a little wine is good for us, and it says, “be ye not drunk with wine”. So the answer is.. Yes, drinking it is ok in moderation.

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In fact, the Bible calls you stupid if you get drunk. Read Proverbs lol.

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There is nothing wrong in a Christian drinking wine so long as it is done modestly and responsibly. Knowing the deleterious effects of excessive wine drinking, however, any drinker of wine, whether a Christian or of any other faith might also be considered to owe a certain moral responsibility to his/her self – to ensure that any amount of wine drinking does not harm nor hurt anyone or anything.

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