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Who has had the most influence in your life?

Asked by Rangie (3656points) March 25th, 2010

How did someone influence you? Did you actually benefit from it?

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George Carlin. A Writer.Comedian.Genius. His warped perspective on society has forever changed how I see & do things. I take things less seriously & realize it’s all just a silly ride we are all on. I am forever better having known him.

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I didn’t have any parental figures around when I was growing up. At fifteen my dad had been killed for five years and my mom was in jail. I was living with my sister (she was 18) and it was interesting. I loved reading and really got into Hermann Hesse. I have read all his stuff multiple times. I feel like his writing helped make into the person I am today.

I’m fucked up, but I could be worse.

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My Grandmother. She was the kindest, sweetest, most gentle woman I ever knew. She always had my back, always had a hug and a friendly ear willing to listen to me moan about life and problems, and actually always had an answer to sort whatever it was out. A colleague at work recently said to me that I talk about her a lot, and I told her it was my way of keeping her with me. I miss her so much it is a physical pain.

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music teachers…...left a deep impression…..Bob Bischoff and Dr. gerald Welker and Norman Johnson. and my aunt and uncle were very loving and accepting and the heart of the family.

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my family is the biggest influence and then music.

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Stanley kubrick….. :-/

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myself, after all for everyones advice, help, consideration, direction, examples, and everything else over the years, it comes down to how and what I choose to adopt, adapt, and execute. I don’t think I could pick out any single person whose influence has been so much greater than everyone else’s. my wife perhaps, or a handful of my dearest friends. Often it’s not a single person that can be attributed to anything but rather several who add, modify, and reinforce an idea. Whatever inspired the idea of enjoying the journey would have to be up there, but I could never say who or where that idea first came about. And so would each person who helped me along the way because though the changes they affected may have been small or even unnoticed, it’s hard to say I’d be at the same place without them.

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George Carlin, Richard Dawkins, Carl Sagan, and myself.

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My father, he i gone now and i miss him so. he was the one person i could always count on, no matter what. he taught me alot about life. He has made me a better person. And i hope i can pass it all down to my children.

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For better and worse, my maternal aunt. She was my guardian from ages 4–18. From her I learned terror, self-loathing, and a lot of not very good things.

I also learned about compassion and self-respect as I did what I had to do for myself in ways that, yes, ended our relationship, but with compassion for her limitations and the knowledge that our extremely tumultuous time during those years had nothing to do with me as a person. With maturity I’ve come to see the truth of the statement How a person treats you has more to do with how they feel about themselves in relation to you than with you.

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My late Uncle. When I was 18 he took me aside and looked me straight in the eyes and said..“Look kid, don’t make the same mistake I did…I lived the good straight and arrow life…worked hard…faithful to my life raised the kids and now I am too old to live the life I now see I missed out on. Live your life like there is no tomorrow. Everything else will take care of itself.” Thanks to him I keep my finger firmly in the light socket of life! ;)

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My boyfriend. (My first long-term, serious boyfriend)
He has learned me alot! And I see how those thing’s benefit me in everyday life. =)

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My mother.Now that she’s gone,I have completely run amok. ;)
She was a lovely lady

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My parents. My Father worked three jobs to support the family and keep up with Mother’s life long medical expenses. He was very skilled and maintained everything himself. Mother was an invalid most of her life and she mopped floors sitting on a chair. My father knew no strangers and people loved his warmth and humor. Mother was very intelligent and determined to do many things for other people. It was common for her to recieve 250 birthday cards. My brothers and I were involved in their everyday lives and we lived as a strong family. My parents were loved and appreciated. Heroes indeed.

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My current boyfriend has had the most influence on me. We were friends for quite a while before we got together and from the moment I met him I felt I could trust him with my life. To this day he is the only person I feel that way about. When I realised that I couldn’t imagine my life without him, that had the biggest impact on my life. I have never felt vulnerability like this before and all I can do is trust.

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I would like to thank:
Granny, Uncle, Cuz, Bill W, Dave W
......Ramtha and Abraham and my cats!

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No one and everyone.

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@Leanne1986 That was so beautiful, you’ve brought tears to my eyes.

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@Dibley and @Leanne1986 I just threw up in my mouth a little…....Just kidding :)

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@Blackberry I’m not usually that sappy…..honest!

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My grandparents. By example they taught me relationships can be fluid and resilient even when the nature of them changes. My divorced grandparents remained best friends for mor than 50yrs, showing love can exist though changed through new relationships and marriages. They also instilled in me the a strong work ethic which has gotten me through so many rough spots and disappointments. When life goes wonky, you can always go to work and pay down your shite, help someone else out or squirrel away for a rainy day.

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@Leanne1986 I feel exactly the same! You just described it more beautifully =D

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Hmm….that’s a toughie..I guess i would have to say…........MYSELF.

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