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What kind of car would a high school star athlete drive in 1987?

Asked by lilakess (789points) February 2nd, 2007
For this kid, money isn't really a problem, within reason. Also, what kind of music might he like. Specificity will be helpful. Thanks.
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I would read through "American Psycho" for music and car references--I think that he might not be that different from Patrick Bateman in those tastes.
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I would suggest at late 70's Camero, Chevelle or Corvette, maybe tricked-up with some big sound device, definately a 4 or 5 speed manual transmission and Craig Supersport Chrome "mag" wheels. Music, never go wrong with the Rolling Stones.
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totally. iroq z camaro.
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camaro, obviously.
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16 candles. red. porsche.
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This kid would drive an El Camino, with dingle berries. He would be listening Def Leppard on the cassette player.
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I graduated H.S. in 1984, and I agree with the suggestions for a souped-up 'muscle car' suggestions like Camaro, Firebird, Mustang or Corvette. If you think he may be a little more contemporary, maybe a Nissan 280Z.

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I graduated in 1987. I was a jock...not rich enough for porche or corvette.....I had a old school 1966 mustang with a 289 V8.....3 speed stick that marked 140mph

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I can remember a few of the Jocks in new mustang convertibles. The ones with money anyway.

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graduated in 88 and camaro or firebird were the way to go jockey

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