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Is urine bad for a houseplant?

Asked by jrpowell (40524points) March 8th, 2008

I was thinking about giving my plant about 1/4 ounce of urine every couple months for nutrients. We found the leech lines for our septic tank because the grass growing around them was really healthy. So would a small amount of urine act as a fertilizer or would it harm the plant.

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Your own urine? Do you drink a lot of sugar? I heard from a scientist-wannabe that dog urine is fantastic with plants. I am not guaranteeing this information though.

I found this:–02/950040080.Ag.r.html

Hopefully that helps. It’s wordy but educational.

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I was thinking my own. I’‘m not really comfortable collecting my sisters dogs urine.

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An excerpt to save you from reading through the useless information:

For the second part, does urine ruin grass? Well, that depends. A little
urea is very good for plants. It is a fertilizer that many farmers put on
their crops as a source of nitrogen. As with most chemicals, toxicity is
related to the concentration. A little salt on the french fries is very
good, a couple of large glasses of very salty water will kill you very

That should answer your question John. :D

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I just want to put a little bit of urine on the plant. BRB… I should take before and after pictures.

And thanks for the abridged version of the article.

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My dad, and his ph.d in botany, said that it mostly depends on the plant and the amount… (And also gave me a look like I had asked if the Black Plague came in juice boxes).

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Your Atheism is HIGHLY respect now Delerium. Something told me you were a “true” Atheist and not a “fad” Atheist. Thank G…. ummm…

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I would rather have the “how are babies made talk?” before the “Is pissing on a houseplant bad for it?” talk with my father*. Props for bringing this one up with him.

*my father was killed when I was ten.

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I’m sorry John.

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Thanks Riser… It has been twenty years. I have accepted what happened.

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Umm… What does all this have to do with peeing on a houseplant?

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Sorry Steve I should have saved my comment as a private message to John. I was moved by his loss.

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I pee off my deck onto a certain section of grass and it has turned a queer shade of

So, in other words, go for it!

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Our local crackpot drinks his urine for dental therapy. I have a lot of respect for him, though, because he definitely walks his talk.

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you’re not coming round to my place if you’re going to piss in the plants, ok

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I really really like your local crackpot.
He reminds me of my advisor, actually. Kinda.

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I would think the feces from the septic tank would have more of a positive effect than urine. Afterall, isn’t that what fertilizer is anyway?

So maybe you should um, number two in your house plants (funny image).

Doesn’t dog pee kill grass?

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Any urine, because of its acidity, will kill grass if its concentrated.

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I’m not sure why I made my comment earlier… I think because by the time I finished reading everything I’d totally forgotten what I was going to say or even what the question was! Sorry guys!!!

What I was going to say is, why don’t you just get some Jobes nutrient stakes for your houseplants? They work well, they’re pretty cheap, and you just stick them in and don’t worry about them for like, 6 months. PLUS, you won’t have to worry about your house starting to smell like pee!

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I remember reading that coffee grounds were good for plants – then proceeded to kill off mine by disposing of the grounds in the pots. I suggest you try an experimental patch first. Too much of a good thing…

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Whew…all kinds of mental images goin’ on around here!!

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A interesting response here.

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