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The older you get, do you find yourself caring more, or less?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30938points) March 26th, 2010

I find myself caring less, about a number of things actually. None the least of which is my personal appearance. A couple of days beard scruff is much more acceptable to me than it was a decade ago. I’m more likely to wear yesterday’s shirt tomorrow. Showers have become an every other day affair, rather than every day. My hair hasn’t seen a comb in years. The fingers toss the locks just fine.

But only the other hand, I care more about diet and what my food consists of than ever before. The quality of my toilet paper is something I care deeply about too. And though still appreciative of beauty, I find that function over form captures my fancy more than it used to.

The older you get, do you find yourself caring more, or less?

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I find myself caring less about what people think of my actions ;)

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I find that I care less about what people think, but, I also find that I care more about others.

Personal hygiene has remained pretty consist over the years.

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I care just as much about personal hygiene, but not nearly as much about being “in style”.
I care more about comfort, especially my shoes and less about fashion. I never really did care about what was in fashion, so not much change there.
I care more about what I can give, than what I can get.
I care more about being out of doors than anything indoors.
I care more about being kind and generous and less about being in the know and up to date.
I find I want much less stuff, and much more time.

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I care more about my legacy, what mark I leave on the world, my family and friends.

Less about keeping up appearances, what’s popular and going out to clubs etc.

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Everybody’s priorities change over time. I have grown out of a lot of cares. Fashion just seems silly to me now, but I cared alot about it when I was a young man. I like to think I care about the important things now, but I know in ten or twenty years some of the things that are important to me now will seem silly. As I head over the proverbial hill, I worry more about if I will be remembered fondly, or at all, when I am gone.

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I care a hell of a lot more. I was fat as a teenager, and so I didn’t really care much then. Now, I really care. Through the day I’m casual, but clean. The evenings I always dress up, do my hair, make-up, wear nice clothes.

I’ve also learnt how to love properly, and so I care about my boyfriend more than anything in this world.

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too late edit. “remained pretty consistent” is what I meant to say.

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Less about superficial things, like my clothes and hair, and more about certain other things, such as open-mindedness and what certain concepts really mean, like freedom and responsibility and so on.

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Less and less all the time. When I turned 40 I stopped mowing my own lawn, changing flat tires and doing small maintenance under the hood of my car.
I also don’t care if I have dorky shoes on if I happen to need to run into the store. Comfort is much more important to me than trendy shoes.
I also seem to care not at all that I don’t have an SO. I for some reason don’t feel the need to get myself entangled again.

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hmm… well, I find myself caring less about people knowing I don’t give a shit about life’s daily drama and caring more about making sure I’m there for the people that matter most to me.

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Absouloutly less! lol

NOT to be confused as apathetic…. a healthy knowledge that I make a difference in my own little ways, undoubtedly, no longer hung up on what others think, not into endless discussions of others dramas, still happy with my physical appearance but not at all stressed about getting older.

I require more down time and while still very socially outgoing I can easily go for some days without interactions with others. I cherish my peace & space.

Not anal about keeping my house immaculate anymore as I was during the years I was raising my daughter and dealing with an obsessive neat freak ex husband. lol

Not into comprimising my soul for survivals sake, but then again, I have never followed the herd so to speak.

Also not willing to give up much, if anything for a relationship these days. If it blends it blends, but don’t fence me in! lol

Can take it or leave it, but not into much ‘work’ at all. haha

I think the age of wisdom & maturity is a great place to be!

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I’m 40 and I could care less what people think but I care more about life in general.

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I would say that I mostly care more. I have always been one to over analyse things anyway but it is definately getting worse as I get older. I am in my twenties at the moment and people keep telling me that as I get older I will start to worry less. I hope they are correct.

As far as hygene is concerned, I have always bathed and/or showered at least once a day and I can’t see that changing anytime soon. I have always cared about the way I look and so this is one thing that I am glad I care about. I don’t spend hours making myself look perfect but I do make sure that I always smell fresh, I am clean and my hair looks good.

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A much wiser (and in control) more.

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I find myself caring MORE about less.

What I mean by this is that, unlike my radical “gonna change the world” youth I have focused my heart and energies on a select few issues that are deeply important to me.

Happily, personal hygiene did make my cut.

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I care more and less about different things. I care about the planet, my family (son) my friends, I care about saving, being secure, I care that in some way I make a difference in life.

I care less about, handbags, fashion, make-up perfume, what people think of me, what I say, I see through a lot I never did before. I care less about “trends” unless of course it is market related.

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Like you, I care more about some things and less about others. Overall, I would say I care less.

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I care less about drama, negative people, looking back and over-analyzing. I care more about my health, my body and what I eat, what my family eats.

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Ditto for me

Years ago I wouldn’t have allowed paper towels in the house but I buy them now and use them without guilt but still sparingly, convenience has it’s own value. Same with laundering dress shirts, up until recently I wouldn’t have allowed the expense and insisted on ironing and starching them myself but no more because the loveliness of having someone else do them means I have more of the less free time I have to go around.

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As you get older you care less about some things, but care more about others. Some of it has to do with where you are in your life, others have to do with what’s currently going on in society.

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Generally for my mental health I find that I do need to let more things go but I think of that as actually caring for myself more. The mental strain just piles up too thick if you don’t just say “fuck it” sometimes. Sometimes I’ll be overwhelmed with work and stress and I’ll just lay down and take a nap or ignore my righteous indignation about something or the other. And yes sometimes the ritual of appearance is a bother but generally I like to feel good about my appearance and my health by exercising etc. I’m not afraid of crawling out of bed in a pair of sweats and rolling down to the shop for a cup o’ joe though. Definitely different than my parents’ generation.

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I still won’t go to the store without relatively nice hair and a little eye make up! Appearance was drummed into my head like a religion might be! And it just plain makes me feel better all day. I care about my clothes being comfortable- none of those pubic hair baring pants. I stopped dying my partially white hair and find myself embarassed by it. however, I care a lot more about my loved one’s welfare than any eyeliner.

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I care less about what folks think of me. I always have presented my self as a fellow human being; saying this is what I am and I can’t change how God made me…Take me or leave me. For the most part, they left me. As I aged I found that It doesn’t matter anymore.
I still am concerned with appearance and over all demeanor and just try to be a ‘Nice Person’ in general.

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