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What should I use in place of .MHT to archive web pages?

Asked by malevolentbutticklish (2155points) March 26th, 2010

.MHT files can be e-mailed and viewed as a single file BUT they are a Microsoft technology. What non-Microsoft options do I have? In the past I might have used .pdf but unfortunately .pdf cannot capture many features of a modern webpage.

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Safari (Apple), saves web pages in a webarchive format, the filename extension: .webarchive

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@boxing: Thank you but webarchive (to the best of my knowledge) is ~Apple proprietary just like MHT is Microsoft proprietary.

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Could I ask why this would be a problem? thanks.

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Archiving a website is honestly a bit too complicated for it to be universal and accessible. Most web sites serve up slightly different content for different types of viewers, browsers, operating systems, etc. It’s kind of a dead end if you’re looking to make a living snapshot of a website that can be sent as if it were a package and then viewed on another browsers, especially since AJAX technologies have become so popular. I think these are the primary reasons why there isn’t really a universal format for archiving the content of a site.

I’ve honestly never had an issue switching between MHT or .webarchive files, you just need to know a bit about the client recieving it.

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@boxing: It is a problem because I try to avoid proprietary formats where possible. Of course a person could successfully live their whole life and never run a program that wasn’t written by Microsoft so it isn’t a problem in the sense that it won’t work.

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@noyesa: Since I have control of the website I can avoid technologies which make archiving impossible. The javascript within the page can generate slightly different content for different types of viewers, browsers, operating systems, etc. instead of the server.

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Understood. But let’s just say it isn’t practical to avoid both formats totally for now. Proprietory can become universal, by the way. Some one has to come up with a technology first.

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