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How do you get rid of sunburn?

Asked by smokeweedeveryday (579points) March 26th, 2010

I got a sunburn on my feet and im looking for some ideas to get rid of it or ease the pain.

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Ouch, it hurts there. At least your lucky enough to have some sun! Have you not got any aftersun cream?

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Ice and aloe vera

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Soak your foot in milk. I heard it works but I’m not really sure since I’ve never tried it myself.

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Aloe vera and minimal scratching.

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Drive to the store to pick up Aloe Vera, don’t walk.

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@Dibley : no i dont have any aftersun cream. Can you buy it in waltmart.
Does it help the tan to?

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@smokeweedeveryday You can probably buy it there. It is very good for your tan. It just cools down your skin, and stops it from peeling.

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You can’t actually get rid of it, but you can buy a topical anesthetic. Solarcaine is pretty good. Anything with the word “caine” in it will give temporary relief. Try not to abrade the surface with socks and shoes.

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@Trillian Does that include co-?

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How do you get rid of a tan?

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@jfos ha ha. Oh, my ribs. And by the way, it’s candy C A N E ! Doofus. ;-)
But you actually are right. Lidocaine and solarcaine have derivitaves of cocaine in them, that’s why they’re used as anesthetics.

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’ with the word “caine” in it will give temporary relief. ’ exactly right. get something with lidocaine in it.

My son swam into a jellyfish (a real one) this summer and it was horrible…. but he’s such a tuff kid. We had NO idea what to put on it or what to do and weren’t near the net (talk about feeling helpless…) so we ran to the chemists and they had Lidocaine and it really helped the pain.

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Scrape it off.

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Vitamin E oil will help with the healing process. I used it last year when I had the worst sunburn of my life and it worked much better than aloe.

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Oh, yes.. and to stop the peeling and assist healing..stuff to help the skin heal is a must, but you don’t have to buy expensive preparations of Vitamin E oil. Rice bran oil has LOADS of Vit E and other healing property components and you can buy it for a few bucks at your grocery store. (I study fatty acids, so I’m not completely talking out of a hole in my arse.) If you’re feeling rich… rosehip seed oil has shown it’s good on sunburn too.

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As many have said, buy aloe. You can buy pure aloe in a bottle in the drug store. You can’t really get rid of the burn, but you can help it along and ease the discomfort. Is it blistering? Also, if you cannot get to the store right away simpply soak your feet in cool water. Don’t put any lotion or cream on the burn (unless it is medicine specifically for burns) until it starts to heal.

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@cazzie I bought a small bottle of pure Vitamin E oil at the grocery store for no more than $3.00. It worked better than anything else I’ve ever used before. I’ve had many sunburns in my life, unfortunately. I grew up in Vegas and spent many summers in the pool unprotected :(

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I used burn cream from my doctor for my last burn. Well, sun poisoning to be more specific. Aloe wasn’t cutting it unfortunately. I also used a spray ‘caine’ cream as well as a topical antibiotic to keep the open wounds from infecting.
stupid day star with it’s stupid super burn

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@jonsblond COOL! Cheap vit E. Doesn’t exist where I live. Yep… Where I live you’d be paying 10 times that, so I have to be clever ‘cause I’m not rich. wink

Ooof.. sunburn on top of the feet…. ouch. But I hardly even remember what sunburn feels like, anywhere. sniff (cazzie needs a vacation somewhere warm with palm trees)

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Keep it moisturized and make sure your skin can breathe as much as possible. The best way to deal with a sunburn is to support it’s healing.

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I’d probably smokeweedeveryday until it got better.

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Yogurt is actually very relieving. I mean you spread it on the burned skin not eating it!

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Time and alot of aloe vera.

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Go to your local feed store and buy medicated Utter Cream. Works like a charm.

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I believe that might be spelled “Udder”. And yes, it’s very soothing.

The other possibility, besides aloe, is slices of papaya. Instantly effective.

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You can’t get rid of sunburn. It is cumulative, and its effects are for life. To ease the pain, get an aloe vera leaf and slice it lengthwise to expose the inner flesh. Rub this on the burned area. Or, buy one of those perfumated gels they sell next to the sunscreen. Apply moisturizer as needed. Next time, don’t forget to put sunscreen on your feet :)

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Cold black tea- the tannic acid eases the pain, and dyes your skin a little so you have such a good tan. not that you need it on your feet

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@lilikoi you say the effects are for life? this is crazy! for the burned skin yes the effects are for life. for the sunburn of course not. Belive me i live in Greece and i am sunburned every year at least twice. Just try yogurt it is the best people. I tried everything. Ten times better and more soothing than anything else mentioned here

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@Toulas I think lilikoi is talking about the effects of uv radiation on skin and how it has shown to cause skin cancer. Theory is that the cumulative effects cause dna shifts in skin cells, turning them into cancer cells. Personally, I think this is quite true, but one sunburn on the feet isn’t likely to cause cancer.
‘Sunbathing’, tanning beds, they have shown to cause permanent damage to those who do it on a regular basis. Tanning is damaging to the skin. Our skin tries to repair itself after a burn or a tan and over time, it’s recovery ability slows and it’s ability to stay firm and elastic is compromised. There is no cure for sun damaged skin. A person who sunbaths regularly and smokes will look 60 when they’re 40.
There are self tanning lotions on the market now that are WAAAY safer if you have to look tan. They now use an ingredient that is very natural and works on the skins own pigment, so there is no more orange look.

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