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What is your favorite sport or activity to participate in?

Asked by Rangie (3661points) March 26th, 2010

Or, what was your favorite sport.
For me, I am lucky to just walk these days. But, back in the days of youth, I love participating in many sports. I was not the best spectator, because I wanted to play the sport, in most cases. My favorite was, baseball, I think. These days, I have become a very good spectator.

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Football/soccer.I also play tennis & golf.

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I played basketball in middle school and high school. I also did track for a year in high school.
However, my favorite sport is volleyball. I played for 4 years and then had the opportunity to coach a JV high school team. That was a great experience.
These days, I’m not big on watching sports, but I do still like to play when I get the chance.

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Sports-wise, football (American), tackle only, none of this flag crap, no question. Every now and then I’m even still lucky enough to find a pick up game, though they’re fewer and fewer though going to them is usually great fun too.

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Golfing is probably my favorite sport to participate in nowadays although I’m not very good at it. As far as watching sports, I like to watch golfing too along with professional and college football.

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I love so many, however I hate watching sport I think I am too hyperactive. Because of the weather I am doing a bit of wind surfing and boogy boarding. Not enough though to be honest.

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I am still looking for some kind of sport I can do. I have COPD with Asthma. It is difficult to find an activity to do, while lugging around a bottle of oxygen. But I am still looking. I just don’t think I am old enough for that proverbial rocking chair yet.

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Extreme Pogosticking

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@erichw1504. We’re going to need a picture or two of you doing that to fully understand that activity.~

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@Bluefreedom Hah, OK. I’ll work on that for ya.

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@erichw1504 if you’re really good at it, it should be just a blur right?

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I was never much of a sports player, more of a sports-watcher. (I only did track in high school). But I love playing badminton. It is a lot of fun and it’s too bad I don’t get the opportunity to do it more often.

Also, if you count mountain biking as a sport, I love to do that as well. :)

I’ve also been learning surfing lately and re-interesting myself in skateboarding.

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Pretty much any outdoor activities.

Fishing, hunting, gathering, hiking, camping.

Fun, healthy, and you can save a lot of money on food bills.

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Hiking ans swimming

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As a kid I liked everything that was active. I could never play basketball, but, I loved playing football. As an adult I haven’t played any sports. I always liked to hike, dance, and roller skate.

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umm..probably dodgeball. that way i get to beam the ball at people’s heads super hard.

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@Bluefreedom I sure do appreciate your attitude. It’s not whether you are good, or not so good, but you are having a good time and you are staying active. Unfortunately, I have found out that if you don’t get up and use your muscles, you lose them. Go get um Bluefreedom. I will be your cheerleader. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

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@Rangie. Thank you for the nice words, my friend. =)

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@neverawake You my friend are a little rascal. Were you a bully in school? Or were you bullied?

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So much so I even became an instructor.

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