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One more ebay search question. Is there a way to ask one term or another? eg: new or NIB?

Asked by UScitizen (4273points) March 26th, 2010

I’ve run into this one several times. I only want a new item, but it might be listed as NIB, or as new. Is there a search term that will mean one word “or” another.

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Use parentheses for OR searches.
To search for one word OR another, put the words in parentheses, divided by commas.

In your example, you can look for listings that contain either of the words by surrounding the words in parentheses: (new, NIB)

and BTW, capitalization doesn’t really matter.

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here: basic’s
1.use – before word to exclude it
2.use * after a word example: boot* and it will pull up boot, boots, bootleg and so on
3. use () around two words with , inbetween example (bunny, rabbit) an it will give you bunny and rabbit use (bunn*, rabbit*) and it will give you bunn, bunnies, rabbit, rabbits and so on
4. use ” ” around words an it will give you that exact phrase “Harley Davidson”
Use the advanced search.. it kinda helps you out…

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